7 Steps to Creating and Executing an Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is a great addition to any content creating aspect of your business. With 7 easy steps, you can completely organize and effective editorial calendar.  Read more

Is your brand GDPR Ready?

If you’ve noticed your email inbox getting flooded by every company that you’ve ever had any contact with, you’re not alone. Those new policies are the result of GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation. Read more

How to Create a Budget For Digital Branding

When your brand starts to grow, it will become a necessary conversation in your company about how you want to allocate your budget. This can be a big moment in your digital brand that could change everything for the better if done correctly, or send your brand spinning into a disaster if done poorly.  Read more

Monitor Your Digital Brand

Getting outside help to monitor your digital brand may be just the thing to keep you on top on it all. Things on the internet are constantly changing, and the space around your brand and interests is no different. Setting up a few simple alerts can make sure that you don’t become obsolete while the Read more

Getting Creative with Your Instagram Content

After your initial Instagram launch, its possible your Instagram content is beginning to feel a little bland and boring. Getting creative with your content will ensure that your brand stays fresh and relevant while driving in new and current followers.  Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Website?

When starting your digital brand, the first step towards getting recognition is to build a website. This used to be a complicated process, but now there are many different ways to get your website running. Some can still feel expensive, but most don’t require their users to know anything about coding. But just how much Read more

Understanding Your Digital Brand Footprint

If your brand is on the internet, then you will have a digital brand footprint. It is essential to understand your digital brand footprint to make sure that it is working for you instead of against you.  Read more

Setting Goals for Your Business on Instagram

Just like any other advertising opportunity, you’ll need to set goals for your business on Instagram to gain any real traction or results. Goals will give your business a direction. Without direction, putting your business on Instagram will be a fruitless endeavor that takes up valuable time. So take a moment to evaluate what you Read more

How to Create Useful How-To Video Content: Essential Toolbox

Adding how-to video content to your brand’s content creation is a great way to boost your brand’s visibility. These videos also prove to your target audience that you have information worth sharing in a quick, user-friendly format.  Read more

Shopify vs. WordPress

When building a website for your e-commerce brand, you may be wondering what website builder you should use. Generally, this question will lead to two main contenders, Shopify versus WordPress. So which one will better address your needs? Read more