10 Excellent Rebrand Examples That Give New Life to Old Brands

An old brand can absolutely learn new tricks. Here are some stellar rebrand examples that prove rebranding can save a digital brand.

What Makes For A Successful Rebrand

Everyone loves an inspirational makeover, and a rebrand is like a makeover for your digital brand. Instead of clothing or hair changes, a brand strategy overhaul includes tweaking your visual identity and possibly inventing a whole new one.

In order for a rebrand to be successful, you need to know the answers to these questions:

  • Why do you need a rebrand?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What exactly do you want to change?
  • How will you change it?

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10 Brands That Got It Right

A clear vision is an absolute necessity for a successful rebrand, and the brands below pulled it off perfectly. A successful brand strategy overhaul is no easy feat, and these brands deserve a round of applause for their ingenuity. Hopefully, these rebrand examples inspire your creative approach to your digital brand.

1) Coty

Agency: Workroom

Coty’s rebrand is all about putting bold images first. At the center of their rebrand is their brand purpose “to celebrate and liberate the diversity of beauty.” Workroom did a massive visual overhaul, with the universally recognized symbol of the butterfly as their main theme. Here is what Coty started with:


And here is their after, where they cut through the clutter with a minimal yet boldly colored aesthetic that fits a modern beauty brand.



Agency: Make®

GLPS is an expert in lightning protection across various industries. Make kept in mind that they are tasked with selling protection from one of nature’s most deadly phenomena, so they enacted a rebrand with a powerful logo and slogan. Here is the before:


Their rebrand is visually impactful and evokes bold strength.



Agency: Open

The ACLU’s mission is“to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” So, they opted for a unique rebrand approach.

With this in mind, they did a full rebrand with a more inclusive color palette. They also took steps to make sure the colors and font would be accessible to everyone. Here is the before and after of their logo.



Agency: Principals

PNG Air is an airline based in Papua New Guinea. Their rebrand was dramatic, with a new name, message, and complete visual identity. Their digital brand was taken from that of a generic affordable airline to one with a strong cultural identity. Due to their base in Papa New Guinea, their digital brand was changed to reflect those origins. Here is what their logo looked like before the Principals rebrand:


And here is the rebrand, which emphasizes their Papua New Guinea Roots.


5) Jumbo

Agency: FutureBrand

Jumbo is an online retailer of lottery tickets in Australia that needed a rebrand to take them to a global level. “Imagine More” became the focus of their rebrand, with a lucky elephant mascot named Joe to inject fun into their digital brand.


And here is their rebranded logo:


6) Tupperware

Agency: FutureBrand

Instead of running from their retro image, Futurebrand chose to give it a confident modern spin. Their bold use color and clean lines keep it modern, bringing Tupperware into the modern age. This was their image before:


And here is the updated branding of this classic company:


7) Banz Carewear

Agency: Bubblefish

This Singapore-Australian company protects kids from UV radiation and extreme noise. Their diverse range of products made it hard to create a cohesive and relatable image. Bubblefish fixed this with a mother-focused brand overhaul using monkey imagery.

Their logo before rebranding:


The Banz Carewear after their cohesive rebrand:



8) Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia

Agency: Twice/DDB

This brand needed to embrace simplified language to have a brand that sticks in peoples minds. The agency that did their rebranding helped them embrace modernization and a professional, yet streamlined aesthetic. Their name was even changed from The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the Province of British Columbia to this more short and sweet alternative.

Here is their original logo:


Their rebranded and reinvented logo is sleek and updated.


9) DXC Technology

Agency: Siegel+Gale

There are many reasons to undergo a rebranding, but when two companies merge, a rebrand is often necessary. DXC is the result of a merger between Computer Sciences Corporation and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Their rebrand was meant to invoke a sense of authority and paint them as leaders in IT.

Their logos before the merger:


After the merger:


10) Siemens

Agencies: Interbrand/MetaDesign/KANTAR Added Value

Siemens is a 170-year-old brand. Maintaining relevance and a relatable image is key to its longevity. Their rebranding centered around the phrase and idea: Ingenuity for life. Siemens new identity uses dynamic visuals and centers people, putting them first.

Their old logo used dull colors and looked dated:


Here is the new logo, which has a warmer touch:


How to Have the Perfect Rebrand

While rebrands can be a valuable tool that helps digital brands look more credible, more relevant, and more aware, they are not easy. It is also important to remember that just because something is new or different, does not mean that it is effective or appropriate. A rebrand must be given careful thought and consideration.

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Often, when brands opt for a rebrand without any particular focus, the results are not the best. Change for the sake of change is not the name of the game. Any changes made must be strategic to showcase and strengthen your brand.

Here are some things you need to achieve an effective rebrand:

  • Your digital brand’s ROI
  • A brand audit to find what needs to be changed
  • A creative brief detailing your goals and ideas
  • Know what pitfalls to avoid to save money, time, and energy
  • A strong visual identity

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Of course, this is a lot to tackle, which is why many brands get expert help when it comes time to figure out what they need for a smooth and successful rebranding. You might need small tweaks, or perhaps to overhaul your digital brand image entirely. From design, to copy, to intent, there is so much to balance and consider.

Which brands do you think have rebranded with the most success? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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