Guidelines for Republishing and Sharing Content

We love when people share our content! When doing so, please adhere to the following attribution policy:

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries, social sharing, reprints, and images, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

1) Cite Digital Branding Institute as the original source.

2) Link to the source on DBI:

  •  Article/blog post summaries and print articles: Link to the URL of the original article.
  • Images: Link to the URL where our original image is stored.
  • Embedded infographics, video and SlideShares: Embed the original infographic, video, or presentation using the provided embed code.
  • Gated content (registration required to view/download): Link to the landing page, not the PDF.
  • Any questions on CMI’s republishing guidelines? Contact us here.

If you’re thinking about sharing or republishing content from DBI, we request that you adhere to the following guidelines:

Full Blog Posts on the Web

We ask that you do not publish any articles from DBI in full.

If you are the author and would like to reuse or repurpose your article, we ask that you abide by the Content Attribution Policy above.

In addition, please do the following:

  • Wait 30 days between the publication date and the time you re-post an article.
  • Include the canonical tag to the article so DBI is noted as the original source: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF BLOG POST“> (or use an appropriate plugin).

Publishing Article Summaries

As stated above, publishing full articles is strictly prohibited. However, feel free to publish a summary of any DBI article along with a link to the full piece.

If you would like one of our writers to contribute an original article on your site, contact us here. If you include our Twitter handles, we’ll help spread the love.

Sharing on Social Media

When sharing on social media, we ask that you include/tag @dbiweb and use the hashtag #digitalbranding.

This will let us know that you shared it and we can provide a shout out to you!

Using our Images and Infographics

All DBI images can be included in your published content, as long as you adhere to our Content Attribution Policy (see above).

Print Articles

We allow print publications to repurpose one DBI digital article every three months. Please contact us for prior approval.

Translation of Articles

You are welcome to translate one article from DBI into another language.

If you would like to translate additional articles, please contact us for additional details.

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