Are You Sending Your Business Emails at the Right Time?

sending business emails

Not seeing any results from sending business emails? Maybe you aren’t sending them at the right time. Take a look at the best time for email performance from Q4 2016.

Are emails still important?

One of the best ways to reach out to consumers is through the use of emails.

Think about yourself. For the most part, you receive emails from the brands/companies that you love the most and want to hear updates about.

I love getting emails from my favorite companies. I especially love getting the emails with special offers or emails letting me know that I left items in my shopping cart.

Most of the time, I do end up purchasing the items I was looking at. But I do it through the reminder email that I get later.

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So, how do you make sure that you are sending an email to your consumer at the right time?

The best way is to experiment with your drop times, review the results from your open rates and compare.

To help, Experian Marketing Services released the results of a study on email benchmarks from Q4 2016.

So what is the best time to release an email?

According to Experian, the best time, at least when comparing transactions to volume, was between 4 PM and 8 PM. During this time frame, emails resulted in 21.1% of transactions relative to 14.8% of volume.

This is surprising because Experian’s data from 2015 states that the best time for email performances was between 12AM-4AM.

What has changed?

First of all, now most businesses are sending emails to consumers between 12AM-4AM. This means that when your consumer wakes up in the morning they are inundated with emails!

Your consumer wakes up, checks their emails, sees roughly 15 new emails, and immediately starts deleting the unimportant or frivolous emails. Your email must be incredibly special or attention-grabbing to your consumer for them to read or save to read later in the day.

However, businesses who sent their emails to consumers as the day is winding down, when they may have more time to sit and sift through emails, they are seeing higher transactions.

What about sending business emails during the holiday?

The Experian study also looked at email performances during Cyber Monday. Based on their results, the Sunday before Cyber Monday and Cyber Monday itself were the days with the highest percentages of transactions based on volume.

This is not surprising. Cyber Monday is a HUGE online shopping holiday and most consumers would be interested in opening emails that say they contain bigger savings.

As a result of this data, businesses can take this holiday uptick and apply it to other holidays.

 DBI Tip:  Send holiday offers the day before the holiday or the day of the holiday to get the most transactions per email drop. 


Sending Business Emails on Mobile Phones and Tablets

There is no growth in the total emails that opened on mobile phones or tablets based on the results.

However, the fact that 56% of total email opens are not from desktops anymore is important for businesses to understand.

 DBI Tip: Send a test email to yourself and check it on a mobile device or tablet before you send it. If it is tough to read, it will more likely be deleted. 

Have you had any successful strategies when it comes to sending business emails? Please share!

Written by
Gina Wanless

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