How Are Marketers Using Data to Personalize Experiences?

personalized experiences

More and more marketers are using personalized experiences to attract customers. Want to know where most focus their efforts? Look no further! We want to share the inside scoop with you!

Personalized Experiences

The use of personalization in online marketing efforts is a relatively new strategy. As early as 2014, Yahoo discovered that personalized ads outperformed general ads.

In their survey, participants indicated that personalized ads are more engaging, educational, and saved them more time, as opposed to generalized ads.

Beyond being more engaging, relevance is also important to consumers. Further, consumers tend to develop unfavorable attitudes toward poorly targeted or irrelevant marketing messages.

CMOs are realizing the increased importance of personalization. Many have decided to increase their digital marketing budgets to include digital personalization efforts accordingly.

Personalization leads to Higher Search Marketing Conversions

In a recent report from Econsultancy and RedEye, nearly 2 out of 3 B2C marketers are using some form of personalization within their online marketing strategy.

The marketers, who implemented personalization onto their online channels, found higher conversion rates as a result.

Specifically, within SEO, almost half (48%) of company respondents have experienced a major uplift in search marketing conversion rates since implementing personalization.

Moreover, another 43% report a minor uplift in search marketing conversion rates after having implemented personalization.

This is not just for SEO. Other channels also experienced an uptick in conversion rates since using personalization.

For example, personalization of SMS leads to a 37% increase in conversion rates, website personalization leads to a 36% increase, personalization of social media leads to 28% increase and personalized emails find a 27% increase.

So what specifically are marketers doing to personalize experiences?

A new survey conducted by Monetate asked 131 marketers how they are using data to create their online personalization strategies are.

The top use of data to create personalized experiences is to create lookalike advertising engines. These are the ads at the top of search engines, such as Google, that look like organic search results.

The next most popular use of data to create personalization are in-store or customer service clienteling tied to digital channel behavior and dynamic content creation or promotion generator.

 DBI Tip: Dynamic content creation/promotion generator is a great way to appeal to consumers as they find personalized ads to be more engaging and relevant. 


Another popular personalization tool is to use a real-time chat program. This is a great way for services to engage with their consumer.

Not a lot of personalized emails

What is most surprising about this data, is that personalized emails, such as emails regarding abandoned carts or browsing history, are only in use by 55% of respondents.

However, personalized trigger emails have higher open and click rates than general business as usual emails.

In a YesMail study, personalized trigger emails achieved more than double the average open rate (29.9% vs. 14.5%), more than triple the average click-to-open rate (35.4% vs. 11.1%) and more than 6 times the average click rate (10.6% vs. 1.6%).

Are you using data to create personalized experiences? Please share!

Written by
Gina Wanless

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