Top 5 Tools to Survey Your Target Audience

Top 5 Tools to Survey Your Target Audience

There are so many survey tools available that it can seem overwhelming to pick the best one.

If you want to skip the guesswork, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 survey tools to help you determine the best one for you and your needs.

Top 5 Survey Tools

1. Social Media

This might seem like a strange tool, but when social media is used properly, it can act as a focus group with your current customers, as you can direct message influencers or request feedback on your product/service.

Since it is not technically a survey tool, it will be up to you to sift through the responses to identify trends. However, it is a great way to engage your community and gain insight.

Use this when you have one specific question you need answered by your audience.

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Another way to use social media is to run paid ads or post specific content about your different products or services and analyze the responses.

This can help you determine which products get the most likes and which have more positive or negative feedback.

DBI Tip: You can also create a more in-depth survey through one of the other survey tools listed below and share the link on your social media.

2. Survey Monkey

Survey tools: survey monkey homepage

Survey Monkey is one of the great survey tools. The tool offers in-depth templates to choose from depending on your needs, or the ability to create your own.

When you sign up, you are asked series of questions to help you determine how many respondents will give you the best results and who you should survey based on your answers.

Once your survey is completed, you can send it out to your audience for free or pay to access an audience. The free option only includes the survey and does not include any in-depth analysis of the results.

They also offer three different services with varying, though reasonable, prices depending on how much help you need from them.

In terms of survey creation, Survey Monkey offers a great product to make sure your survey itself meets your business needs.

3. Google Forms

Survey tools: google forms

Google Forms, Google’s free survey creation tool, is another easy-to-use survey tool. With their builder, you can quickly create your survey. You have the ability to customize the look and feel of your survey, and the builder is easy to navigate through.

When you have completed your survey, you have the ability to send it out via email, share the link, and directly upload to your Google+, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

After getting responses, you can view the results as a summary or go through individual submissions. Google Forms also gives you the ability to export the results into a spreadsheet.

4. Google Surveys

Google now also offers an analytics solutions tool called Google Surveys. Like other survey tools, Google Surveys allows you to conduct research by paying to broadcast your survey to their network.

There are two pricing options: Google Surveys starts at $0.10 per completed response and Google Surveys 360’s prices vary depending on your contract with their sales team.

The survey creation itself requires only three steps, making it easy to use.

  1. Pick the specific audience you want to target.
  2. Write out the questions.
  3. Confirm your survey and Google will give you analyzed data from the results.

Google sends the survey out via news, network, and entertainments sites and through their mobile app. The respondents get access to premium content and credits for Google play in return for completing the survey.

DBI Tip: If you already have a network of people to survey, I would recommend sticking with Google Forms, but if you want to reach a larger audience outside your network, use Google Survey.

5. Ask Your Target Market (AYTM)

Survey tools: AYTM Homepage

AYTM is a survey tool that allows you to create your own survey or use their panel of experts to help draft a survey for you based on your needs and goals.

You can send these surveys through to your own lists, or use their community of over 4 million participants.

With their large community, they give you the ability to hone in on who you want to target based on demographics, purchasing characteristics, personality, and behaviors.

The tool is an affordable way to reach the potential consumers you want to target and see how they react to your product/service.


Do you have any other tools you like to use to survey your audience? Please share below!

Written by
Gina Wanless

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