3 Steps to Build a Profitable Real Estate Brand

Real estate brand

Having a real estate brand can make all the difference in your business’s success. Branding can bring organization and clarity that will appeal to your target audience. It can help draw them in to use your services.

3 Steps to Build a Profitable Real Estate Brand

These three steps will make it easier for you to manage your brand. You will be able to generate an online presence that will build your business.

Step 1: Define Your Real Estate Brand

Define your real estate brand

Defining your real estate brand is about getting clear in your message. You need to let people know how you’re uniquely positioned to serve them. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.

How your real estate brand is represented in the digital space is what separates you from the competition. If you’re in a saturated market, you may be viewed as a commodity.

When you use your uniqueness to position your brand you will get more customers. Remember, when you define your real estate brand you are deciding how customers will think about your business.

Time is money. The more time it takes to explain your offering, the more money it takes to market it.

-Juntae Delane

Without a precise definition of who you are, your clients will be confused and so will you. Instead of wasting time trying to explain yourself later, take the time to define your brand right now.

Create an Elevator Pitch

Creating an elevator pitch will help you define your real estate brand. This will make it easy for your target audience to quickly understand exactly who you are and what you offer. Your elevator pitch will be referenced everywhere online: social media, website, review sites, and more.

Understanding what you want from your digital brand will make the process of digital branding a lot easier.

When you create your real estate brand elevator pitch, you need to be sure to make it brief. You will also need to make it about your clients and whatever specialties you have. End your pitch by giving them your business card if you’re in a live setting.

Create a Slogan

Creating a real estate brand slogan will force you to be clear about who you are and what you have to offer.

If you don’t create a brand slogan, people may be confused. When they get confused, they will go elsewhere. So you’ve got to be clear. That’s why you want your brand slogan right at the top of your website and your social media accounts.

There are four specific categories to think about when creating your brand slogan.

  • Identification: Your slogan needs to match your brand and your logo
  • Memorable: Your motto should last for years and feel catchy
  • Beneficial: Tell your clients how you’ll help them through your slogan
  • Differentiation: Look at what others are doing and use your motto to express how you’re different from them

Your slogan will need to be distinctly yours and match your unique brand. This may mean going with something more humorous like ‘Everything I touch turns to sold,’ or being more direct ‘Helping clients get more home for less money.’ The direction you go in will need to complement your brand and bring focus to your unique qualities.

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Step 2: Build Your Real Estate Brand

When looking for a real estate agent, people are probably going to look online first. This means that they will encounter your digital brand before they ever see your physical brand.

Build Your Home Base

To ensure that our audience gets the right information the first time, you must focus on building your home base. For most of us, our home base is our website or blog.

Your home base is a critical component of your digital brand. No matter how tech-savvy you think you are, you must have a visually appealing home base.

The first thing you’ll need to do when creating your home base is create your domain name. You’ll want to make sure that your domain name has keywords that are relevant to your specialty. It will also be vital for you to get a branded email to correlate with your domain name.

Even if you aren’t ready to use your domain name, it is a good idea to register for it now. Registering early will ensure that when you’re ready to develop your webpage, your desired name will still be there.

Build Your Email List

Real estate brand must have an email list

If you want to succeed in digital branding, get serious about building your email list. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your brand because it allows you to initiate contact with your followers.

There are a few ways for real estate brands to grow their email lists. The first is to offer an incentive. This is how you woo your target audience and help them realize you have something valuable to offer.

Another way to grow your email list is to add an invitation to join your email list on a physical form. Your physical forms can include:

  • Business cards
  • Direct mail
  • Receipts
  • Packing slips
  • Invoices
  • Door hangers
  • Magnets

These work similarly to an opt-in form on your website, but take place in the real world.

Adding an opt-in form on your website is also a great way to get your target audience’s attention and encourage them to sign up for your email list. You can include these on the side of your website, the bottom, or as a scrolling pop up. It all depends on your target audience.

Build Your Social Media Accounts

Your primary objectives for building your social media accounts is to focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.

Being relatable to your target audience will separate you from the competition. Engage on social media the same way you would engage in the real world.

When first starting out on social media, it is important to remember to only focus on one site. Having too many accounts can be overwhelming. It can also keep you from being truly successful on any of them.

Facebook is usually the most popular channel to start with because it has over a billion users. However, it is important to be strategic when posting on Facebook and deciding on using free or paid for content options.

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Step 3: Manage Your Real Estate Brand

This is a part of your real estate brand that will remain a part of your day to day work. Sometimes it can be in your best interest to find digital branding services that can help to manage this work for you.

Guest Blogging

Most bloggers spin their wheels trying to increase traffic on their own blogs. However, they tend to overlook the power of guest posting. Writing guest posts on other blogs where somebody else has a larger or different audience from you will increase your visibility!

When picking a place to guest blog, it is important to remember your real estate brand’s values and choose a blog that has similar values. You’ll also want to check the guidelines of the blogger to see if they accept guest posts. If everything lines up then you can contact them and share why you’d be an excellent fit for their blog.

When going through the process of finding the right blog to guest post on, make a list of five blogs that you’d be willing to work with. Then reach out to them. The odds are pretty good that one will be interested in your contributions. Also, if your pitch is well thought out, you might just get a chance to write for all of them.

Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose your content

Often people continue to create more and more content. They believe the more content they create, the better the chance they have to connect with customers. From here they find themselves stuck on the content creation hamster wheel.

Now, if they would work smarter and not harder, they would focus on repurposing their content.

Trying to create an eBook every month or coming up with new topics for blog posts is easier when you use pre-existing content.

The Benefits Of Repurposing Content

You can take your most popular blog post about a particular topic and turn it into an eBook. Then you can repurpose the eBook as a SlideShare presentation. Or you can take that same eBook and turn it into a month’s worth of blog posts. Or you can turn that blog post into an infographic or video.

Plus, everyone likes to consume content in different ways. Some may want to read an ebook or whitepaper, while another is more fond of video content. Repurposing your content will allow users to consume content in ways they are most comfortable with.

Also, increasing the variety of content available offers more ways for your content to be consumed. As a result, the increase in consumption will cause an increase in the desired action you want from your consumer.

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Final Thoughts

These three steps to building your real estate brand will make sure that you stay on task when going through the motions of digital branding life. These steps will save you time and effort which you can then channel into the content you create or the influencers you reach out to.

You need to define your brand, build your brand, and monitor your brand for maximum success in the digital world. The different strategies and tactics we discussed under the three main steps will make all the difference when taking your brand live and turning it into a profitable real estate brand.

What are your favorite real estate slogans?

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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