3 Steps to Build a Great Medical Brand

Having an online presence is very important if you’re looking to create a great medical brand. This is because people almost always search online to find medical practices before working with them in person.

Not having a digital presence for your medical brand will kill your business before it even has a chance to grow. Here is how to build a thriving medical brand.

3 Steps to Build a Great Medical Brand

In three easy steps, you can take your medical brand from obscurity to being well known.

Step 1: Define Your Medical Brand

Define your medical brand

Defining your medical brand is about getting clear in your message. You need to advertise how you’re uniquely positioned to serve your audience.

When someone asks you what you do you need to have a central focus. You can’t just go on about your services and offerings. If you don’t have a quick and easy answer you might confuse your potential clients.

If your target audience is confused, then they will likely not be drawn to your business and brand. People are attracted to what they can understand.

The most influential brands are the ones who:

  • Explain who they are to their market
  • Differentiate themselves from their competition
  • Attract the right clients
  • Convey trustworthiness
  • Represent the value and quality of their mission
  • Imply professionalism
  • Make a promise of what clients can expect when working with their company

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Create an Elevator Pitch

Creating an elevator pitch will help you define your medical brand. If you do this right, your target audience can quickly understand exactly who you are and what you offer. Your elevator pitch will be referenced everywhere online. This includes social media, your website, and review sites.

Understanding what you want from your digital brand will make the process of digital branding so much clearer. After all, how can you achieve an objective if you don’t first define that objective?

When you create your medical brand elevator pitch, you need to be sure to make it brief. You will also need to make it about your clients and whatever unique services you offer. End your pitch by giving them your business card if you’re in a live setting.

Create a Brand Slogan

Creating a medical brand slogan will force you to be clear about who you are and what you have to offer.

A brand slogan can help people remember your brand if it is catchy and effective. You want to use it prominently in your branding so everyone can remember it. Your brand slogan should be right at the top of your website and your social media accounts.

There are four specific categories to think about when creating your brand slogan.

  • Identification: Your slogan needs to match your brand and your logo
  • Memorable: Your motto should last for years and be punchy
  • Beneficial: Your slogan should make what you have to offer clients clear
  • Differentiation: Look at what others are doing and use your motto to say how you’re different from them

Your slogan will need to be distinctly yours and match your unique brand. This may mean going with something like ‘Hightech care… homegrown touch,’ or ‘Your most trusted healthcare for life.’ The direction you go in will need to complement your brand and bring focus to your unique qualities.

Find the Intersection

If you were to make a Venn diagram with customers and products, that sweet spot in the middle is where you have the opportunity to make the most significant impact on people.

Find the place where your service will intersect with your target audience and then talk about it. Then, make your audience aware of what they are missing. Fill in the overlapping circles with your medical business.

This is where you should identify your medical brand’s best traits. These can include:

  • Your level of experience in your field
  • The technology you use
  • The convenience of appointment times
  • A more personal touch

Remember to stay true to who you are and what your brand represents. Don’t pretend to be anything that you’re not.

Step 2: Build Your Medical Brand

Build your medical brand

When looking for a medical practitioner, people are probably going to do internet research first. This means that they will encounter your digital brand before they ever interact with you in person.

When people are looking for the services of medical professionals they often look to Healthgrades. This site allows people to search for the kind of medical professionals they need based on reviews, popularity, and location. They will also feature the top 5% of medical businesses listed on their site.

So how do you make your medical brand ready for digital searches?

Build Your Home Base

To ensure that our audience gets the right information the first time, you must focus on building your home base. For most of us, our home base is our website or blog.

Your home base is a critical component of your digital brand. Your home base needs to be responsive, fast, accurate, visually-appealing, user-friendly, and professional.

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Your Domain Name

The first thing you’ll need to do when creating your home base is make your domain name. You’ll want to make sure that your domain name has keywords that are relevant to your specialty. You will also need to get a branded email that relates to your domain name.

Even if you aren’t ready to use your domain name, it is a good idea to register it now. Registering early will ensure that when you’re prepared to develop your webpage, your desired name will still be there.

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or about.me are viable options for your home base; however, if you are serious about your medical branding, then you should use a self-hosted WordPress website.

Build Your Email List

Your medical brand’s email list will be a great marketing tool for you. Getting them to sign up can be as easy as offering an incentive. This is how you show your target audience that you have something of value to offer.

You can offer them email reminders of appointments, discharge instructions, and communication with physicians. You can also email them to give them instructions for accessing their medical histories, and past appointment records.

Build Your Social Media Accounts

If you want to be considered a favorite medical brand, social media is a helpful tool. This will depend on the degree to which you’re followed, invited, and cited. These factors will make you seem like less of a risk to your potential clients.

If you do not have a lot of social media experience, do not worry. You do not have to launch and manage half a dozen social media profiles today.

To start, it is important to pick just one social media site to work on. Many medical brands start with Twitter, but you might want to focus on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Remember, it’s better to have a significant presence on one social network than a weak presence on many of them. Find out where your clients are spending time online and focus your efforts there.

Authenticity Is Key

If you’re thinking more about strategy and less about providing real value and real conversations, your clients will feel that. No one wants to interact online with a brand that feels contrived or robotic. This is why you need to remain genuine on social media with your target audience.

Social media will be a great place to post medical tips and information on building improvements. You can also use it to introduce your team.

Step 3: Manage Your Medical Brand

Manage your medical brand

This is a part of your medical brand that will remain a part of your day to day work. Sometimes it can be in your best interest to find digital branding services that can manage the intricacies of building a social media strategy.

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Leverage Other People’s Property

There are many medical blogs already floating around on the internet that you can get involved in. These blogs have the great benefit of already having a built-in audience that you can access.

Finding blogs in similar spheres as yours are a great start. Just start by participating in the comments section and see if you can be a guest blogger for them later on.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest posts for other blogs with a larger or different audience than you will increase your brand visibility!

When picking a place to guest blog, it is important to remember your medical brand’s values and choose a blog that has similar values. You’ll also want to check the guidelines of the blogger to see if they accept guest posts. If everything lines up then you can contact them and share why you’d be an excellent fit for their blog.

Repurposing Content

You don’t have just to keep pumping out brand new pieces of content endlessly for your clients. While you may feel pressured to do this, shake it off. There is actually an easier way to go about it.

If there are several ways to say one thing, why do we continue to struggle when creating content?

-Juntae Delane

Instead of creating more and more new pieces, you can take apart pieces of old content that were popular and turn them into new pieces.

If you have several different problems that tend to come up that are similar to solve, you can repurpose the same content to address the various issues. In this case, everyone wins. Your clients get new valuable content that addresses their issues, and you get to relieve some of the pressure and stress of content creation.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these three steps you will be able to build a thriving medical brand. These steps will save you time and effort, so you have time to attend to all the aspects of digital marketing and branding. These can include content creation and collaborating with influencers and other brands.

You need to define your brand, build your brand, and monitor your brand for maximum success in the digital world. These strategies can help you build an authentic and profitable digital brand.

What stands out to you on different medical brand sites?

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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