3 Steps to Build a Profitable Insurance Agent Brand

Building a solid insurance agent brand is a necessity in this day and age. Branding can be the key to profitable success. Without an online presence, the modern customer will be unable to find your business. Here is how you can build the insurance agent brand you want.

3 Steps to Build a Profitable Insurance Agent Brand

With these three steps, you can define, build, and manage your insurance agent brand. They will bring you closer to building the profitable online name you want.

Step 1: Define Your Insurance Agent Brand

Defining your insurance agent brand is about getting clear in your message. You need to let people know exactly who you are and how you’re uniquely positioned to serve them. If you’re speaking to a general vague everyone, you’re not really speaking to anyone.

If your copy and web presence is bland and generic, it will lack the human element that people can relate to. So, you need to know your audience and speak to them. This is so important to grasp.

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Keep It Simple

Insurance Agent Brand

When asked: what do you do? You need to have a central focus. You can’t just go on about your services and offerings forever. This doesn’t tell your target audience who you are, and will leave them confused.

Most people only like and build relationships with what they can explicitly understand. If people can’t understand your brand and business, they will likely pass over it and find one that makes them feel more comfortable.

You’ll need to ask three important questions:

  • What is your mission?
  • What are the benefits of your services?
  • Which qualities do you want clients to associate with your agency?

Create an Elevator Pitch

Creating an elevator pitch will help you define your insurance agent brand. This will make it so that your target audience can quickly understand exactly who you are and what you offer. Your elevator pitch will be referenced everywhere online: social media, website, review sites, and more.

You need to understand exactly what you want from your insurance agent brand. This will make the process of digital branding so much more straightforward.

Elevator Pitch Tips

There are a few fundamental concepts to remember when creating your insurance agent brand elevator pitch.

  • It can’t sound too scripted. You shouldn’t even create a script for your pitch. Instead, you should remember a few central points that you want to make in your pitch and go from there.
  • If you want your elevator pitch to be effective, it can’t sound like a pitch at all. Just describe what you do.
  • Your pitch should also be tailored to your audience.
  • Keep it short and relevant. Your pitch should not be longer than 30 seconds.

Create a Slogan

Your slogan needs to do more than just say that you sell insurance. You will need to consider the motivational traits of your brand and the opportunity it gives your customers.

When creating your insurance agent brand slogan, you will have to be careful to not exclude any potential clients. It should make people of different backgrounds feel included. You also shouldn’t focus too much on the insurance itself. Find the other services you offer and include those in your brand as well.

When you create your insurance agent brand slogan, you want to be unique. This is just a few words that people will associate with you that will define your brand. Your slogan could be something like ‘Together we’re stronger,’ or ‘Live a long life with protection.’

Find the Intersection

If you were to make a ven diagram with customers and services, that sweet spot in the middle is where you have the opportunity to make the most significant impact on your following.

Find the place where your service will intersect with your target audience and then talk about it. Make your audience aware of what they are missing. Fill in the overlapping circles with your insurance business. What do people need that your company can provide? Make this a critical part of your brand.

Step 2: Build Your Insurance Agent Brand

Before working with an insurance agent in real life, people almost always look them up online. This means that in most cases, your target audience will develop their first impressions of your entire company based on your online presence. Based on that they will decide whether they want to reach out to you or not.

Therefore,  your digital brand is vital when spreading the word about your insurance company. Without your online insurance agent brand, it won’t matter how much you try to build a real-world connection with all your potential clients.

You don’t want to absent or powerless in the digital sphere. If you are, you leave the door open for others to speak about you however they like online. Also, you will have no digital influence which you can use to protect your reputation and brand.

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Build Your Home Base

To ensure that your audience gets the right information the first time, you must focus on building your home base. For most of us, our home base is our website or blog.

Your home base is a critical component of your digital brand. This home base must be responsive, user-friendly, professional, and aesthetically sound.

When creating your home base, keep these four things in mind.

1. Domain name

This is your digital address that people will use to find your website. Some popular domain name providers are GoDaddy and NameCheap.

2. Website Building Software

You can build your site using this software. Depending on the one you choose, you need no or almost no knowledge of coding. Some of the more popular web builders that you might have heard of are WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly.

3. Get a Web Host

This is the storage unit where your website content lives online.

4. Choose a Website Template Design

A website template is a pre-made website design. This allows you to have a professional-looking website without hiring a website designer. If you are using a self-hosted website builder, like WordPress, you can find great WordPress templates at WooThemes and Mojo Marketplace.

Build Your Email List

If you want to succeed in digital branding, get serious about building your email list. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your brand because it allows you to initiate contact with your followers.

There are a few ways for small businesses to grow their email lists. The first is to offer an incentive. This is how you spark the interest of your target audience. It is also how you get them to realize you have something of value to offer.

Additionally, adding an opt-in form on your website is another way to get your target audience’s attention and encourage them to sign up for your email list. You can include these on the side of your website, the bottom, or as a scrolling pop up. It all depends on your target audience.

Build Your Social Media Accounts

Your primary goal for building your social media accounts is focusing on how to be social, not on how to do social.

Being relatable to your target audience will separate you from the competition. So, engage with people on social media the same way you would engage in the real world. Remember, people online are still just people at the end of the day.

Your every sentence in conversation should not be a hard sell. Likewise, your every Tweet or Facebook post should not be a hard sell either.

Your social media account should be where you nurture your community. Show your insurance expertise while sharing aspects of your personality and interests. Your social media account is all about balance and building a positive online presence.

Getting Started On Social Media

When first starting out on social media, it is important to remember to only focus on one site. Especially if you are new to social media, trying to run half a dozen accounts at once can be very stressful. If you spread yourself too thin, none of your accounts will thrive.

Facebook is usually the most popular channel to start. This is because it has over a billion users. However, not just any random posts will do. It is important to be strategic when posting on Facebook. You will have to decide how you want to use free or paid for content options.

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Step 3: Manage Your Insurance Agent Brand

This is a part of your insurance agent brand that will remain a part of your daily work. Sometimes it can be in your best interest to find digital branding services to manage this work for you.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest posts on other blogs can increase your visibility. Look for blogs that relate to your brand and have a bigger, different, or more diverse audience than yours to truly grow your online presence.

When picking you’ll want to check the guidelines of the blogger to see if they accept guest posts before you do anything else. After that, if everything lines up then you can contact them and share why you’d be an excellent fit for their blog.

When going through the process of finding the right blog to guest post on, make a list of five blogs that you’d be willing to work with and reach out to them. The odds are pretty good that one will be interested in your contribution. Also, if your pitch is well thought out, you might just get a chance to write for all of them.

Repurpose Your Content

Often people struggle to continue to create more and more content. They believe the more content they create, the better the chance they have to connect with customers. However, on top of all of their daily responsibilities, few people truly have the time to create brand new content each and every day.

Also, the pressure to constantly create can lead to burnout. So, how do you avoid all of this stress and pressure? By cleverly reusing content.

Whether you have the goal of creating a new eBook every month or coming up with new topics for blog posts every day, it all becomes much easier when you use pre-existing content.

How To Reuse Content

You can take your most popular blog post about a particular topic and turn it into an eBook. Then you can repurpose the eBook as a SlideShare presentation. Or you can take that same eBook and turn it into a month’s worth of blog posts. You can even turn that blog post into an infographic or video.

Plus, everyone likes to consume content in different ways. Some people may want to read an ebook or whitepaper, while another is more fond of video content. Some people don’t like to read at all, but love podcasts and audiobooks. Repurposing your content will allow users to consume content in ways they are most comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Your insurance agent brand is who you are to most people. So, most people will only have your brand to guide them in their decision-making process as they decide who to work with.

This is why following these three steps will be so crucial for your insurance agent brand. You need to define your brand, build your brand, and monitor your brand for maximum success in the digital world. These steps will give you the boost you need to become a household name to your target audience.

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Juntae DeLane

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