The Power of Copywriting in Branding

Branding is a powerful tool that helps your brand get its message across and attract customers. However, copywriting plays a much bigger role in this than most people realize.

Copywriting is Everywhere


Copy is a large part of branding. So, it cannot be overlooked if you want a cohesive and attractive brand that makes people excited. It forms the foundation of your brand in certain ways, and also plays a big role in how customers will be engaged by it.

The overall quality of your brand is largely determined by the quality of its copy. You can have digital branding with an amazing look, but if your copy is outdated or otherwise unprofessional it just won’t hold up quite right.

Essentially, there are the three areas of branding where copywriting can make or break it.

1. Communicating Core Messaging

Firstly, all strong brands are built on a set of values. These are different for every brand but share a similar function. They determine what a brand is and means. They also outline what it stands for. Lastly, these values define things for the brand such as its:

  • Purpose
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Strategic goals

Will Consumers Understand Your Brand?

The strength of your core messaging itself, and how well customers understand it, all depends on copywriting. According to a Nielsen study, nearly 75% of Millennials and Gen-Z-ers are willing to pay more for products from brands that align with their values. You need to make sure they know what you stand for.

Whether your values, purpose, and goals are understandable to your team and customers is based on copywriting. How inspirational and effective is your core message? That largely depends on how it is constructed. That’s all the power of copywriting.

2.Creating Brand Voice


Your brand voice is the way you communicate your business to your audience. Your voice should be unique and engaging. Also, it needs to be in line with your core values and services. This voice will carry the messages that you hope your customers receive.

Tone, style, and other creative choices carry these messages. These choices all come from copywriting. ‘

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The Human Element

When copywriting is effective, it humanizes your business. It is a large part of what turns faceless companies into relatable and persuasive entities. That is what people feel like they can connect to.

Copywriting is key to all forms of advertising, including:

  • Social media
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Web

Good copywriting can help you build a compelling brand that draws in consumers. Also, it sets your business apart.

3.Copywriting and Content

It’s no secret that content plays a massive role in the digital branding revolution. Modern audiences and consumers are constantly evolving, and marketing must change to stay relevant to them.

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Modern audiences can often see straight through empty promotional messaging, and generally do not respond well to it. They want to feel like they are getting something valuable. And what can make your content valuable?

The answer is copy.

Copy Is The King of Content

Copy is a sort of negotiation between a business and its customers. It is what makes a brand pop. In exchange for a consumer’s attention and possibly business, you offer them content that is entertaining, pleasant or solves a small problem.

Copywriting is what makes for effective content.

This copy will use tactics to draw in customers. Whether your brand makes emotional appeals or intellectual appeals that capture audiences will depend on its copywriting. Strong copywriting can truly take a brand to the next level. For example, a good slogan alone can be incredibly powerful for a brand’s marketing efforts.

Keep It Consistent

Everything from your slogan to company tweets, to longer TV commercials, must have consistent and compelling copywriting at their heart to truly bolster your brand.

If ideas are not communicated well, even the best ones can seem boring, useless, or not worthwhile. Often brands have great ideas, but struggle to communicate them to customers in a relatable and meaningful way. Strong copywriting means solid communication and fixes that problem.

Brands Don’t Focus On Copywriting Enough

It seems obvious that strong writing is a must for a brand’s success. However, all sorts of branders and business owners often undervalue it. While visual elements and the look and feel of your website and content also play a big role, your copy cannot be overlooked.

If your copy is flat, outdated, or full of errors, people will be far less likely to engage with your brand. Also, they might not even believe that it is credible or professional. People don’t want to open their wallets and minds to online businesses they don’t feel are trustworthy.

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Perhaps, because copywriting involves a purely human element and no expensive software or programming, many businesses consider it an afterthought. Some definitely feel that anyone can do it. Therefore, they invest most of their time and energy into visuals.

And it’s no secret that effective visual content is important. In fact, according to State of Inbound, brands are putting more into videos across social media than ever before.


And good copy is at the heart of good video content.

Make Your Brand An Oscar Winner

A brand with stellar visual elements but slapdash copywriting is a bit like a film with a high special effects budget, but not one likable or interesting character. However, many Hollywood studios have high budgets. And they produce countless films that are stuffed to the gills with high-quality special effects. So that alone does not make a film stand out from all the rest.

Without any solid writing holding them up, many people will have a subpar experience watching these types of films. And they usually don’t win any awards.


You don’t want customers to have an average or poor experience with your brand. You want it to be strongly and effectively communicated across the board, so they feel like they know and understand you perfectly.

Copywriting Makes It Happen

You want a brand that is cohesive and compelling. Also, You want your branding to get people excited about and invested in your products and services. Your business needs a human face, clearly defined core values, and its own unique personality. These all should align seamlessly with your offerings and draw customers in.

Not only does your branding need to get customers, but it needs to keep them engaged. It must keep them coming back.

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Copywriting is key to creating that consumer experience.

Has a brand’s copywriting ever won you over? Or has it ever made you want to walk away from a business? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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