Industry Insights From Industry Leaders For 2020

Industry Insights for 2020

In the world of digital branding, things can change in the blink of an eye. So, turning to thought leaders and practitioners in the industry for advice and inspiration is key. Their industry insights can make a big difference.

The path for success looks different for every digital brander too. This is why getting diverse opinions is key. These industry leaders have some important industry insights.

We asked a small handful of industry insiders a few questions. We asked them about their vision of the digital branding landscape in 2020. They told us about their plans, favorite tools, platforms to watch, and more. So, here are their industry insights.

Let’s take a look!

1. Which marketing strategies have you found most successful in 2019?

Some marketers cite the importance of certain tools. For example, video marketing pro Lou Bortone says:

Online video continues to be the best marketing tool for ROI, visibility, engagement and personal connection. Nothing else even comes close.

Author and digital marketing expert Marc Guberti, on the other hand, has a different experience. He says that virtual summits were his top marketing tool of 2019.

Virtual summits have been a consistent growth driver for my business. Each virtual summit allows me to connect with new influencers and attract an engaged audience to my content.

Others, however, have said that changing their focus to the individual has been huge. Betsy Kent, the founder of the digital marketing agency Be Visible, has centered her entire brand around her ideal client. She says:

My ideal client’s wants and needs permeate every bit of content I create.

Crowdfunding thought leader and marketer Samit Patel, says that putting community first is the key to success. His industry insights include:

You should build a community before you launch any product or service, building this before you launch will lead to a huge pipeline.

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2. How are your 2020 marketing strategies different from your 2019 strategies?

Pam Brossman is a best-selling author and mentor to women entrepreneurs. She says that paid ad costs continuing to rise will force many marketers to change. It’s why many marketers will start emphasizing creative visibility marketing. Here is how she imagines her 2020:

I will be focusing on stories more in my marketing for 2020. Most people are focusing on TikTok, which leaves Pinterest wide open for domination.

Other experts cite a shift in focus to video content as being central to their 2020 goals. Leading digital marketers Christoph Trappe and Maria Andros Buckley both will invest time into video content in 2020. Lou Bortone wants to include video content in his company emails also.

3. What are the most important KPIs to measure in 2020? 

Many of the experts we spoke with are shifting away from “vanity metrics.” So, they are focusing more on engagement. It was cited as one of the most valuable KPIs. Many of their industry insights revolve around figuring out what really matters to marketers. As Lou Bortone puts it:

For me, it’s no longer about chasing “likes” on Facebook, or even views on YouTube. I want to focus on actual interactions and engagement. So it may be harder to measure, but engagement is the most important KPI in 2020.

Pam Brossman echoes this idea too. She centers conversions and engagement as top KPIs.

Vanity metrics will become a thing of the past. I have only ever focused on conversions, personal impact and engagement. If I can make 6 figures from a list of 250 people….I don’t need 1 million fans who just want to give you emojis and say hi.

4. Which marketing tools should marketers use in 2020? 

Samit Patel recommends He says it offers smart learning tools that streamline the process of building new businesses. If you are just starting to build your own digital brand, this is definitely a tool you should consider.

For lead generation, Christoph Trappe recommends Hubspot. Hubspot provides a wide array of tools to help with social media marketing, SEO, and more.

Marc Guberti recommends ThriveCart and also Bidx. ThriveCart is a tool for those who are looking to build online stores. Bidx is a unique tool. It allows entrepreneurs to connect with finance, advice and business contacts.

5. Which digital branding trends do you think will take over in 2020? 

The experts we spoke with largely agree on what is coming in 2020. While some new platforms are coming into prominence, the real trends come down to authentic interaction. Pam Brossman’s big predictions for 2020 are:

I think video will thrive and those who love to listen will continue to flock to podcasts…However, the huge catapult in my opinion, will be stories and interactive two way communication mediums for daily connection, marketing and mentoring online.

While experts Samit Patel and Lou Bortone mentioned the rise of platforms like Tiktok and Caffeine, Marc Guberti and Christophe Trappe suggest that podcasts are the form of media to watch in 2020.

Betsy Kent and Maria Andros Buckley agree that brands getting smarter about connecting with consumers on an emotional level will be one of the biggest trends of the year. Kent cites Glossier as a prime example of a company that really knows how to connect with their clients. Buckley says:

Text platforms where you can text your community and not be pitchy but actually connect. That feeling of connection and caring; This is the wave of the future.

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Final Thoughts On Industry Insights From Industry Leaders For 2020

As 2020 gears up, get ready for some big changes in the world of digital marketing. Hopefully, these industry leaders have provided you with some important context, tools, and inspiration so you can meet all of your marketing goals in 2020.

So, what do you think the biggest changes of 2020 will be for marketers? Let us know below…

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Juntae DeLane

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