Discover the Right A/B-Testing Formula

When optimizing your digital marketing efforts, you must consider A/B testing.

The folks at Formstack developed an infographic that outlines exactly what you can test to ensure you’re maximizing your campaign potential.

Here’s a summary…

Key Insights on How to Discover the Right A/B-Testing Formula

A digital marketer’s guide for discovering the right A/B testing formula (without going mad!)

It’s elementary, really. In marketing, small changes + strategy = optimization! But how, you ask? Simple! Just test the right things in the right order. And remember your scientific method! Change one thing at a time so you know exactly how each change affects conversion rates. Almost anything can be tested – but here are a few areas to focus on first.


  • Image Size
  • Form Length
  • Video

Image Size

  • Test various sizes of the same image. For example, Dell tested two images and discovered the larger image outperformed the smaller image.
  • 27% decrease in bounce rate
  • 36% increase in conversation rate

Form Length

  • Test how prospects respond to a shorter form.
  • The average survey contains 22 form fields.


  • Experiment with video.
  • 86% increase in conversations when video is used.


  • Headline
  • CTA Button
  • Voice


  • Construct a headline that resonates with your audience.
  • 90% of visitors read both your headline and CTA copy.

CTA Button

  • Tinker with your submit button to increase clicks.
  • Simply adding one word after “submit” can increase conversations up to 320%


  • Bring your creation to life and use 1st person voice for better conversations.
  • 90% increase in conversations with 1st person voice is used versus 2nd.

And never use the spaghetti testing method! (You know, throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks and what doesn’t.)

Science of Color

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula for choosing the right color, but given the right context and messaging; the color of your CTA can greatly impact the success of your form.

  • Yellow grabs attention and creates a sense of low anxiety.
  • Green creates a sense of relaxation.
  • Blue builds trust and creates a sense of security.
  • Orange encourages immediate action.
  • Red creates a sense of urgency and increased energy.




Written by
Juntae DeLane

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