How to Build a Digital Brand on a Budget

In today’s market, being successful means having a great digital brand. If you are looking to increase business growth with limited resources, you must understand how to build a digital brand on a budget.

Here is a list of hacks to help you build a digital brand without a large budget.

Join the Conversation within Your Industry

A great way to increase awareness within your industry is to be a part of the conversations taking place online.
You can add value to these conversations by including your opinion, advice, or thought-leadership.

To further enhance your credibility within your industry, you must also create and publish valuable content.

Create Co-branded Content

Co-branded content brings your brand to a new audience and provides a new valuable resource to your existing audience.

The objective of co-branded content is to bring together two parties with different audiences and similar goals. These goals can be to increase brand awareness, grow email subscribers, or increase revenue.

Co-branded content example:


The key to successful co-branded content is selecting the right partner. Consider reviewing the mission statement of your desired partner and determine if it’s aligned with your values and goals. When selecting a co-branding partner, be sure to vet carefully as their brand reputation could impact your own.

If you share the same goals and values, the co-branded content will have a significant impact for your brand.

Cross-Promote Your Content

Consider the following ways to promote your co-branded content:

Create a shared landing page. Feature both company logos on the page and mention the companies in the promotional text as well.

Conduct a Virtual Event. Create a webinar or Livestream highlighting the topic of your co-branded content. This will give both parties the opportunity to introduce the content in an impactful way.

Post on Social Media. Both brands should tag each other on Instagram, or mention in a Tweet, LinkedIn post, or Facebook post.

Reuse Old Content

If you have content that is performing well, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can repurpose your old content by presenting it in a new format.


Here are some ideas to get you started.

An Article: If you have a piece of content with multiple tips for your target audience to consider, you can repurpose those tips into separate blog posts.

A Slideshow: Take content from a blog post or ebook and present it as a slideshow.

A Pinterest Board:  Select images that represent tips from your old content, create a Pinterest board and turn those tips into pins. Remember to edit each tip down to 50 words or less for the pin’s description.

You can also create separate boards for different categories of tips.

A Quiz: Create an interactive quiz to allow your audience to experience your content in a new way.

An Infographic: Present information as an image by designing an infographic from your old content.

A Video: Turn your old content into an animated video with narration that mirrors the original.

A Facebook Post: Present tips in individual Facebook posts. Remember to create a call-to-action, driving your fans back to your website.

A Twitter Tweet: Pull key takeaways from your content to tweet. Don’t forget to include your website URL and account for its characters within the 140 character limit.

In Conclusion

You don’t have to shell out big money to build your digital brand. A little creativity can go a long way with these tips as your guide.

What are other cost-cutting ways to build your digital brand? What free tools do you use when you want to build a digital brand on a budget? I look forward to your comments below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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