3 Lead Magnet Ideas to Build Your Email List

Lead magnets can help you gain an extensive list of contacts while enhancing your digital brand.  If you are looking to grow your business and expand your reach, an effective lead magnet is a must.

Here are 3 effective lead magnet ideas to build your email list.

3 Lead Magnet Ideas to Build Your Email List

How to Find Ideas for Lead Magnets

1. Send a Survey

Coming up with new ideas for lead magnets can be challenging, but if you already have a group of buyers and prospects, you have a great resource at your disposal. Survey your audience to gauge their interests and their desires. Use your finding to offer solutions to your audience’s problems and give them more of what they want.

Here are some of the best options for creating surveys.


lead magnet

SurveyMonkey allows you to create and publish surveys online. With free and paid options, the tool can be used for small businesses and larger organizations.

  • Free: 10 questions, 100 respondents, 15 types of questions, different templates
  • Paid: $26/month: more questions, more respondents, and unique features


lead magnet

With typeform, you can build engaging and conversation online surveys and forms.Free: unlimited questions and answers, data export, custom themes or templates, and basic reporting

  • Free: unlimited questions and answers, data export, custom themes or templates, and basic reporting
  • Paid: $25/month: payment fields, a calculator feature, follow-up email options, and more

Google Forms

lead magnet

If you are building a brand on a budget, google forms is the perfect solutions for surveys. The tool is 100% free.

You’ll get unlimited surveys, respondents, answers and data collected in Google Spreadsheets, as well as theme and customization options.

2. Evaluate Competitor Lead Magnets

Another way to generate ideas for lead magnets is to evaluate your competitors. Examine what actions your competitors are taking to solicit information from leads.

For example, your competitor may advertise a newsletter in exchange for emails. Before you go creating a competing newsletter, sign up for their newsletter and review it to find out what makes their newsletter valuable, interesting, and unique.

See if you can spot industry trends. What type of lead magnets are effective for others in your industry? Is there a particular type of lead magnet that is standard?

3. Look at Popular Articles in Your Niche

If you are stumped for ideas for your next lead magnet, consider looking to popular articles in your niche for inspiration to create a piece of relevant, gated content such as an Ebook or guide.

Look at articles and note what topics they cover and the types of comments or questions the readers leave. Ask yourself if you have a unique and more thorough perspective that you can share? The key is to find ONE specific idea that matched the interest of a specific audience. Find the lead magnet that can help your prospect immediately see the value it has to offer.

The key is to find ONE specific idea that matches a specific interest or pain point of your target audience and speak to that. Then, create the content that will deliver tremendous value and use it is your lead magnet.

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Now…let’s get into 3 lead magnet ideas that you can implement to attract more leads for your business.

1. Discount Lead Magnets

Who doesn’t like a good sale? Discounts are a simple way to use an offer to collect leads.  This technique is widely used with e-commerce websites.

Offer discounts to your audience make your audience feel special. Discount and promotion lead magnets take no time to implement.

Here are a few ways to get this done.

lead magnet

1. Weekly/Monthly Sales: Nothing says “discount” better than weekly or monthly sales which will bring much more traffic to your online store and will ultimately increase revenue.

lead magnet

2. Change With the Seasons: The Holiday season is always enjoyable for the store owner.  Take advantage of the momentum of the holidays to push your offers to your audience.  This is the time of year when people are looking for discounts most.

lead magnet

3. Customer Loyalty: Offer customers special discounts and rewards for opting into a loyalty program.  With a good loyalty program, you make your service or product more attractive.

2. Training Lead Magnets


A checklist/template is a series of actionable tasks that help the reader to implement a particular strategy. While this type of lead magnet takes a little bit of time to create, it is an incredibly valuable lead magnet because it is helpful to users. makes this process simple and attractive.  Although, you can always DIY your checklist.

Canva is a tool that can make the process of designing a checklist or template a piece of cake.


lead magnet

The tool makes it easy for anyone to make top-quality designs.  Simply use one of their templates and images.  Then just drag and drop all the elements you want to include.

Free Tools

lead magnet

Offer your target audience a free tool.  This type of lead magnet has very high perceived value.


lead magnet

eBooks are a classic lead magnet. Think of information your audience would find helpful and create a valuable eBook to deliver the answers they have been seeking.

Video Training

lead magnet

What I love about video training is that it is extremely personal and effective. And therefore, it creates strong connections with users. Not only do video training lead magnets attract people to your business, they also help you to build your digital identity, visibility, and credibility.

Free Coaching Session

lead magnet

If you offer a service, you can offer a free coaching session in exchange for a user’s email address.

Frese coaching session lead magnets help build future relationships and are effective for acquiring customers who are harder to convert.

Email Courses

lead magnet

Email courses are a great way to repurpose content you have already created for use as a lead magnet. If you have a great eBook, you can split it up into multiple parts and deliver it as a daily or weekly email course.

3. Quiz Lead Magnets


Quizzes are a highly engaging and interactive form of lead magnets. This high level of engagement is one of the reasons they convert so well. Have users enter their emails to unlock a quiz, or let them complete a quiz and require they email to send the results.

Interact is a tool that you can use to create quizzes.


lead magnet

Interact allows you to generate leads with quizzes.With this tool, you can use more than 100 pre-made quizzes or make your own for your business.

With the free plan, you can create as many quizzes, giveaways, and polls as you want, every month, along with unlimited quiz completions.

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Best Practices for Creating Lead Magnets

There are many types of lead magnets that you can choose from. But just remember, your ideal lead magnet should address a very specific niche of users. It is important that you are solving a problem they have.

The more specific you are, the easier it will be to drive traffic to your lead magnet. You want to communicate a specific benefit your audience. What not to do:

What not to do:

lead magnet

In this case, you are not addressing a specific problem that your users are facing.

A revised version that identifies a specific issue and solves a specific problem would be the following.

lead magnet

How to Get Higher Quality Leads with a Great Lead Magnet Landing Page

Another important aspect of identifying a specific niche is that you will be able to acquire higher quality leads and have a great conversion rate on your landing page.

Here are some recommendations and examples:

Remove anything that detracts from your call to action.

lead magnet

Blank space is also a good way to draw attention to specific areas on your landing page. Keep your landing page form and the most important message above the fold because many users won’t scroll down your page.

lead magnet

Encapsulating your forms and call to action inside a box will help visitors focus on that area. Using colors that stand out will make your call to action more noticeable.

lead magnet

Lastly, create pathways to where you want your users to pay attention.

lead magnet

So there you have it. Use these ideas to create lead magnets that are appealing to your target audience.

Now you’ve learned what it takes to build a great lead magnet, you can start by trying any of the ideas that are relevant to your audience and offering.  Let us know what your favorite type of lead magnet is in the comments below!

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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