How to Use Local SEO to Grow Your Business

How to Use Local SEO to Grow Your Business

Optimizing your local SEO is just as important as optimizing your general SEO efforts.

The folks at Agency Nation developed an infographic that shows how to use local SEO to grow your business. Although they focus on local insurance agencies, they provide tactics that apply to any business.

Key Insights

  • Local SEO is a foundation piece of your insurance marketing strategy.
  • Internal linking provides website visitors with a more valuable and manageable experience.
  • Client reviews are one of the powerful and influential factors in local SEO. Client review both on your [company] site and 3rd party review sites such as
  • Google and Yelp provide new potential clients with social validation that your agency is knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • Backlinks, meaning links from other website pointing to your [company] website, are still extremely important in ranking your website for local SEO.
  • Local Citations – More than 50% of small businesses have inaccurate local business directory listings.
  • Mobile marketing – According to Google one out of every five searches has a local intent.


How to Use Local SEO to Grow Your Business Infographic

Written by
Juntae DeLane