15 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Branders

Digital branding may be a relatively new phenomenon, but it has rapidly grown and developed into an integral part of every business. When you’re a digital brander, whether it’s for a small business or a huge multinational, it’s absolutely essential to maintain a successful and effective online campaign. Check out these apps for digital branders that will make your branding more effective.

One of the main challenges most digital branders now face is that this field constantly changes and grows, and it can be hard to keep up with all of the trends and make sure that your campaign is still optimized for your audience.

These tools will help…

15 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Branders

1. Mail Chimp

 Essential Online Tools and Apps for Digital Branders

When someone says digital marketing, most people immediately begin thinking of social media, hashtags, and viral trends. However, good old fashioned email campaigns are still necessary for most businesses with simple marketing services like Mail Chimp.  On top of this, some free plans are available.

2. Easy Word Count

It’s essential to remember that size matters when it comes to web content. Whether you’re writing a landing page or a business blog, if you’re content is less than 1000 words, search engine crawlers may demote your page. For maximum engagement for posts shared across social media, it’s best to hit 1500 words.

3. Hubspot

This is a great all-around internet marketing software platform. It is largely free to use and is full of useful content that can be used daily to improve your online campaigns.

4. Academized


When it comes to digital marketing, content is incredibly important. Search engine crawlers look for spelling and grammar, as well as, original content. To make sure your content is as good as it can possibly be, try checking out the guides and courses available here before you sit down to write.

5.    Sniply

“Calls to Action” have become a popular and efficient way of hitting the targets you’ve set as digital marketers. Sniply helps you create call to action buttons that look great and can be placed anywhere on your page.

6. Headline Analyzer

As there are literally millions of web pages for every single search term, you need to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd. This means that you need to make sure that your headlines, blog titles, and email subject lines promote traffic and engagement. Headline Analyzer helps ensure that your headlines are working for your business.

7.    Hiver

If you work with a team, then this is a great way to make sure you’re running a streamlined and efficient marketing campaign. This email collaboration tool means the members of your team can see who is doing what, assign tasks, leave notes for each other, and mark when work is done.

8. Paper Fellows

Writing great, engaging, original, and persuasive content is incredibly important when it comes to digital marketing. Paper Fellows contains forums that are full of professional and amateur writers who can provide great advice and support when you’re starting out creating content.

9. Nanigans

While lots of aspects of business need to be outsourced, it can save a lot of money when certain things can be done in-house. This tool is an amazing way to manage your advertising and marketing through automatic and user-friendly software.

10. Contently

If you’re looking for a full-service content marketing platform, then this tool is right for you. You can create content, hire editors who can write and proofread content, and analyze responses to your posts. You can optimize your posts to drive traffic and boost conversion leads, all through this platform.

11. Apester

Interactive content is awesome for engagement; however, it can be difficult to create. Designing interactive content opens up a lot of room for glitches and bugs, and neither of those are good for your customers or your reputation.  Apester makes creating interactive content simple and is completely free to use.

12. Big Assignments

This is one of the most popular platforms available for anyone looking to hire an expert editor who can create content or proofread your posts. It’s essential that everything you upload is high quality, original, and appears on a regular schedule. For some businesses, the only way to meet all of these requirements is by hiring professional help.

13. Google Analytics

This may sound basic as it’s available to pretty much everyone with a computer: Google Analytics can provide comprehensive reports that really illuminate what does and doesn’t work in your marketing campaigns. Once you understand the data you receive using this tool, it can help you pinpoint changes you can make to really boost your business.

14. Canva

While content is one of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign and can’t be over-estimated, presentation is also important. You can use this platform to make all kinds of creative and visually appealing content such as business cards, blog graphics, or banners. This is a great way to help make sure your website stands out.

15. Piktochart

Some businesses do not sell particularly exciting products, or there’s a bunch of dry and complex information that needs to be relayed to a customer. When that’s the case, infographics can make your content much more presentable and much more palatable to your readers.  Fortunately, this site makes it incredibly simple to produce awesome infographics.

Digital marketing is a complex and evolving field, and it is absolutely essential to keep up with the changes that consistently appear. Fortunately, these tools can make multitasking and creativity simple and manageable while helping digital marketers stay ahead of the competition.

Written by
Sharon Conwell

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