5 Time-Saving Digital Branding Tools

One of the biggest challenges when digital branding is finding the time in your busy day to execute. Thankfully, you can reference these 5 time saving tools to ease your digital branding efforts.

Let’s jump right in…

1. Buffer

What to use it for: Scheduling and “buffering” social media updates

Why you’ll love it: Buffer allows you to set a posting schedule and then buffer/queue your social media updates in advance. This leaves more time to do other social media activities such as conversing and building relationships.


DBI Tip: Set aside one hour a week to add social media updates to your Buffer queue that will be posted across all your social media channels for the next seven days. Use the rest of your social media time to comment on, retweet and share articles of media contacts you want to build relationships with.


What to use it for: Finding publicity opportunities to enhance your digital credibility.

Why you’ll love it: HARO emails reporter queries related to your industry straight to your inbox so you don’t miss out on potential PR opportunities. If you’re based outside the US, SourceBottle is another great option.


DBI Tip: Avoid using the service to pitch other ideas to journalists – this is a real no-no.

3. Google Alerts

What to use it for: Monitoring web presence and competition

Why you’ll love it: Google Alerts are free and simple to set up, you can choose the delivery frequency you like, and get valuable intelligence sent directly to your email.


DBI Tip: Set up a Google Alert for your name, the name of your business, your competitors and other industry influencers, and topics you’re an expert on to keep track of mentions online. To track social media specific mentions, try using SocialMention.

4. Evernote

What to use it for: Organizing online resources and research

Why you’ll love it: Evernote allows you to capture and organize everything to build your digital brand. All your notes are accessible anywhere via a computer or mobile device.


DBI Tip: Create notes for all content such as PDFs, eBooks, quotes, blog posts, and graphics and tag them accordingly. Over time, you’ll build a repository of content that can ease your digital branding efforts.

5. Feedly

What to use it for: Consuming and organizing your favorite blog.

Why you’ll love it: Feedly lets you organize the feeds of all your favorite blogs in one place. You can then scroll through their headlines to get a feel for what’s trending and what will help your digital branding efforts.


DBI Tip: Stay on top of the latest digital branding tips. Add the DBI RSS feed here.


Are there any other tools you use to build your digital brand? Let me know in the comments section below…

  • Stefan Müller

    Hi Juntae, Thanks for that marvelous list of useful tools. I totally agree, we’ve worked with some of these tools, too. I would add analytics for getting a clue – or better deep inside – where our targets are from and which way they go on our sites. The new Analytics is much easier to use than the old one. I started to use the tracker information where our visitors come from to create social media heat maps, which show us which content works for which network. and it can be easily added with utm-parameters to track special campaigns.
    An alternative for seeding content – for seeding WordPress posts – is Blog2Social. It integrates all functionality of suites like Buffer and Hootsuite into your WordPress site and has many features for autoposting, customizing posts and scheduling.

    • Thanks for recommending this tool, Stefan. I look forward to your comments on other posts as well.

  • Sabrina Henry

    Hey Juntae,

    Great copy, thank for sharing your experience with us!
    I love Google Alert & Feedly. They are part of my daily breakfast ritual. If the setting are done correctly, readers can view in one screen what happened while sleeping!
    They are saving me a hug amount of time, get me on track with nearly everything I need to know.
    To add up useful other tools to the list: Search Engine Journal & Growth Hackers Community

    • Thanks for sharing Sabrina. I look forward to additional comments from you as well.