The Ultimate Instagram Ads Cheatsheet

Advertising on Instagram is a simple and effective way to grow your digital brand and draw in potential customers to your business.

With Instagram Ads,  you can target users who may be interested in your offering based on gender, age group, and interests and the benefits don’t stop there.

Not only do you want users to see your ad, you also want them to take action. Instagram Ads has a call-to-action button, making it easy for prospects to directly interact with your brand. Users can have the option to shop directly at your site, install an app, sign up for your offer, or go visit your site.

Instagram Ads

Creating an Instagram Ad

If you are familiar with creating Facebook ads, you will have no trouble creating an ad on Instagram. If you are new to Instagram advertising, the steps are simple. To get started, all you need is a Facebook page.

Let’s dive in…

Step 1: Go to “Settings” from your Facebook Page

Step 2: Go to “Instagram Ads”

3. Click “Add Account”

4. Connect an existing Instagram account or create a new one and link it.  Sign in to that account.

5. Visit this link: which will bring you to where you will assemble your campaign.

6. Choose your objective.

7. Name your campaign and click “Set Up Ad Account.”

8. Select your country, time zone, and currency.

9. Set a specific target group and add a connection type.  Then set the placement so your audience gets your ad on the right platform.

10. Set your budget and schedule of appearance.  Then click “continue.”

11. Set your Ad Name then choose a  new ad or an old one.  Then, specify the Instagram Account you want this Ad to be associated with.  After that, select a format for your Ad.

12. Pick your images (up to 6 per post), choose the message of your Ad, and make sure to set the Ad Preview to “Instagram Feed.”

13. Click “Confirm” and voila!

How to Get the Highest ROI From Your Instagram Ads

Create Ads That Are Relevant to Your Target Audience

In order to create relevant content, I suggest using your first campaign to learn more about your audience. Instead of focusing strictly on sales goals, ask yourself what makes your audience tick? What actions do they take on Instagram? Observe any audience behavior you would like to analyze. Based on this data, you will be able to plan an all-scale campaign that will better reach your audience with relevant content.

Based on this data, you will be able to plan a campaign that with relevant content that will better resonate with your target audience.

Split-Test Different Ad Visuals

Instagram offers a platform for you to use visuals to connect with your audience. To find out which ads are more appealing to your audience, run a split-test. You can split-test different post schedules, and experiment with different calls to action, different visuals according to demographics.

You can split-test different post schedules, and experiment with different calls to action, as well as different visuals according to demographics.

Instagram Ads

Use A Clear Image with a Strong Focal Point

Keep your images simple and uncluttered. This will help users to focus on a specific element or message. Ideally, your post should feature the main message or image subject with a few supporting details in the background.

Instagram Ads

Use Very Subtle Branding

It is tempting to make your brand name or logo a major focus of every single ad. However, when you are trying to deliver your message to Instagram users, you want to be more subtle in your approach. Consumers are savvier than ever so they are averse to blatant advertising. Brands that focus more on themselves than the consumer will suffer from poor performance.

Don’t Cover More than 20% of Image with Text

A general rule of thumb is only 20% of an image should be covered by text. If you have to add text, be sure to make the text appealing. Choose a complementary font that is consistent with your brand identity or message. You can also consider using speech bubbles or similar designs to add flare, or completely move the Ad text to the image caption section.

Use Video Ads to Drive Engagement

Let users get a front-row view of the action with video ads. Leverage the power of storytelling to foster deeper engagement and build a stronger connection to your audience.

Try Including User Generated Content in Ads

By incorporating user-generated content (UGC) into your ads, you can really take your Instagram ads to the next level. User-generated content is powerful and convincing because it is generated for the audience, by the audience; it is genuine and trustworthy. Contests are a quick and efficient way to generate UGC for your brand.

Develop Hashtags to Use in Ads

Connect memorable, unique hashtags to your ads. Use these hashtags for other content your produce as well. If users click or search the hashtags for your ad, they will be able to see more relevant content.

How to Choose an Audience

Instagram Ads

Use Custom Audiences to Strengthen Relationships with Best Customers

An Engagement Custom Audience is made up of people who have actually engaged with your content through Facebook apps and services.  This includes everything from Videos, Lead forms, Canvas, and Facebook Pages, to your Instagram business profile, and Events.

Engagement Custom Audiences are not to be confused with Custom Audiences from your website.  They are strictly related to Instagram users who have viewed your content on Facebook or any connected apps and services.

Use Lookalike Audiences to Engage New Followers

Lookalike audiences are your key to reaching a broader audience of people who would be interested in your business based on the demographics and interests of your top customers.

With Lookalike audiences, you create special groups, then Facebook identifies common qualities of the people in these groups and finds individuals similar to them aka “lookalikes.”

Create a Personal Account to Gain a First-hand User Experience

Instagram Ads 

Sometimes the best way to find out what your audience wants and how you can market to them is to get on their level.  Consider creating a personal account and use the platform as a content consumer instead of a content creator or advertiser. Get an understanding of how your audience experiences the platform and use that knowledge to create appealing experiences.

7 Benefits of Digital Advertising

Here are seven reasons why digital advertising is important.

1. Digital Advertising Drives Sales

Instagram Ads

According to Nielsen, brands that advertise can experience a return of almost three dollars’ incremental sales for every dollar spent in online advertising that has been precisely delivered using purchase-based information.

2. Reach Customers Effectively Through Sales Funnels

Digital ads are useful throughout the course of your sales funnel.

For example, at the top of your sales funnel, when people become aware of your brand, ads can be used to drive new visitors to your website. As users progress further through your funnel, you can create ads to meet them where they are and aid them in their purchase decision.

3 .Targeted Approach

A major draw of digital advertising is it allows you to take a targeted approach.  Determining your buyer personas and identifying your target audience beforehand will make setting up Instagram ad campaigns easier.

4. Mobile Engagement

Who leaves home without their smartphone?  Instagram ads are delivered via the mobile app so you are able to reach your audience anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a mobile device!

5. Easy Monitoring

Metrics are readily available with digital advertising.  You can see the who, what, when, and where regarding your digital advertisements. Use metrics to inform your future ad strategy. Evaluate previous efforts to determine what to say or what to share, who to target, and what steps are needed to make your next campaign more successful than previous campaigns.

6. Faster Marketing

In today’s day and age, technology has made many things easier as it cuts down travel, expenses, and effort to spread your message.  With digital advertising, you can reach hundreds or thousands of people with the click of a button.

7. Flexibility

With digital advertising, you can quickly and easily make tweaks or adjustments on a dime to boost ad performance.

Are you ready to take on the power of Instagram Ads? Follow these tips to get started!

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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