How Live Streaming Can Boost Your Brand

How live stream can boost your brand

Live streaming can be a valuable way to improve your brand image. Because broadcasts occur in real-time, live streaming can humanize your brand and make your interaction with customers appear more personal. Here are 6 ways live streaming can boost your brand.

How Live Streaming Can Boost Your Brand

1. Behind the Scenes

When you hear the phrase company culture, the first thing that pops up in your mind is probably those holiday videos that are meant to make a company appear to be fun. But the audience knows that those videos involve a lot of planning and editing process.

Behind-the-scenes videos can help make your company culture appear to be more authentic. Buzzfeed’s dance battle is a great example of this:

live streaming can boost your brand

There are many ways you can share a quick behind the scenes glimpse, including a day-in-the-life where you take your viewers on a quick office tour and introduce your team in action.

If you have a company event, you can also stream the event you are hosting. In addition to streaming the event itself, you could take the audience backstage at the event to show them your company’s work in real time and create a closer connection with the audience.

Not only do behind the scenes streams create a more personable brand image, they can also drive more audience attention towards the actual event itself.

2. Company Announcements

If you have an announcement that you want to share with your audience like product launches, organization changes, or acquisitions, you don’t only have to share the news through press releases. Live streams can also be a great platform for announcements.

Through live streams, you can actually let your audience be present for the message themselves, straight from the source.

This helps your audience feel like you care about them enough to speak to them directly, and since they are watching the announcement as it is happening, the excitement is now shared together.

Last year, Chevrolet used Facebook live to launch their electric car:

live streaming can boost your brand

To maximize your live stream audience, make sure to announce the live stream launch ahead of time on your social media platforms and to your email subscribers. That way, you will build audience curiosity and excitement, even before you go live.

3. Interviews with Leaders

Live streaming interviews with leaders helps put the faces to the names that your customers might have heard before and introduces key company figures to the audience.

Through this interview, you are giving your fans the chance to connect with the leaders on a personal level which create a sense of connection with the overall brand as well.

By live streaming your interviews, you give your fans the chance to connect with the leaders on a personal level which creates a sense of connection with the overall brand as well.

To do this, choose a specific topic for each Q&A live stream, rather than only leaving questions to chance. Have your customers post their questions in the comments and answer as many as you can throughout the live stream.

4. Giveaways

Live streaming can boost your brand when you host a live giveaway. You can easily hold a giveaway by having participants post comments on your live stream as a way to enter the giveaway.

You can also let the audience tell your brand story for you adding questions to your entry criteria. Ask trivia questions about the company or industry-related questions to make your audience share a little bit about your company and provide an outlet for viewers to learn more.

From there, decide which answer was best. Here is an example of how to conduct a giveaway via live stream:

live streaming can boost your brand

You can also use giveaways as a way to increase your follower count on your other social media accounts by requiring your audience to follow you in order to enter the contest. This allows them to see your company’s updates in the future and be more likely to participate in your future events.

5. Influencer Takeovers

Partnering with influencers for your live streams is another way to use live streaming to boost your brand. Influencers don’t necessarily have to be a famous celebrity.

Depending on your company and the audience you are trying to capture, an influencer can be a blogger or someone who is an expert in your industry.

The key is to choose someone that you would want to be associated with your brand and has the means to help you achieve your goal.

6. Repurposed Live Streams

After you are done streaming your videos, don’t delete them, repurpose them instead.

Live streams are often saved on the social media platform, so you could easily go back and use the live stream to create other content, like a quote graphic, YouTube video, or even a simple tweet.

Maximize the use of the live stream, and save yourself some time by not having to create new content from scratch.

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Simply put, don’t forget that the point of a live stream is to show what your company is all about. So make sure to add some personality and have fun with it!

Live streaming can boost your brand! Do you have any other ways to use live streaming for your brand? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by
Praisella Yosep