6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Facebook Ads

We’re all told these days that social media is a “pay-to-play” game, and that if you want your business to grow you absolutely must be investing in Facebook Ads. The truth is a little more complicated than that. It’s true that investing in Facebook Ads can be a very effective way to build an audience, but they can also be a waste of time for someone that isn’t running them correctly.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Facebook Ads

Should your business invest in Facebook ads? Here are three questions you should ask before taking the leap:

What stage of business are you in?

The first question to ask before investing in Facebook Ads is whether your business is ready to invest in Facebook Ads. Brands that are just starting out and establishing themselves may not have a clear view of who their ideal target market us and what offers will convert.

You must first develop an idea of who you want to reach before working on actually reaching them through ads. Take the time to test things organically, understand who your target market is, then begin the task of investing in ads for that market.

What results do you want from running Facebook ads?

Your brand can use Facebook ads to reach so many different goals. Do you want to build your social media following? Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Or promote a specific product or offer? Do you want to target a specific group of people with a personalized sales offer?

Understanding what you want your end-game to be should happen well before you even begin to create ads on Facebook, otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of money without a focused effort on what goals you want to reach.

It’s essential for your brand to clearly define what your goals are and how quickly you want to reach them so you can effectively measure if you Facebook Ads are working and whether your investment is getting you the results you want.

Investing in Facebook Ads

What is your budget?

The difficulty with ads is that you will get what you pay for. If you have a small budget, you will get a small reaction to your ads. More importantly, the more you target your audience the more it will cost. Facebook ads can really change your interactions with your audience for the better, but you’ll have to be ready to make an investment in them. That being said, it’s ok to start small and experiment with a small investment toward a targeted audience to test out whether your ads work before expanding them to reach a larger audience.

Does your offer convert organically?

Turns out Facebook Ads won’t magically be successful just because you want them to. Even if you’re willing to put a lot of money behind them, it’s important to take the time to create an offer that people will actually want.

A high-converting offer will not only be better for whatever your goals are, but will cost you less money because Facebook optimizes based on how well an offer is converting within a specific audience. That’s why you should test out whether your content resonates with your audience by posting it organically first and seeing how it performs before investing in Facebook Ads with the same content.

Are you willing to invest money in experimentation?

It can be frustrating when you make all the effort and spend money on Facebook ads but don’t immediately see sales, growth, or results. That being said, it’s important to learn from the results you do get. Take the time to dive into the data and use it to develop ideas on how to tweak your ad campaigns and get better results in the long run.

Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching your audience, but you need to let it run its course. That’s why an advertising strategy is so important – it will provide you measurable data points and a timeline to understand whether your ads are performing. Use your strategy to guide how long you let your Facebook Ad experiments run, then use it as a guideline on whether your ads have reached the point where it aligns with your goals.

Do you have the time to manage ads on your own?

time for social media

So many business owners are under the impression that social media is an easy undertaking – that is… until they dive into it themselves. It might not be rocket-science to run a social media account, but it is a time-consuming project. Investing in Facebook Ads can especially be a time drain because they need a lot of attention. If you don’t keep a close eye on your ads, you can easily overspend on ads that aren’t performing or blow your budget on ads that aren’t bringing you closer to your goal results.

While it does require an additional investment, sometimes it’s better to consider outsourcing your ad strategy to professionals that will take the time to care for your account and give it the attention it needs so you get the best results. Digital consultants have the experience, know-how, and most importantly, the bandwidth to properly maintain your ads the way they should be maintained. That being said, make sure to take the time to pick the right partner for your digital ad consulting so you can leave your brand in hands that you can trust.

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Final Thoughts

As one of the most important and best digital advertising options out there for small- to medium-sized brands these days, Facebook Ads are an important and effective part of a marketing strategy for any brand. That doesn’t mean everyone should just dive in and start advertising on the platform without a plan – Facebook Ads should come into play at the right time and under the right circumstances.

Brands that take the time to build Facebook Ads into their strategy in the right way are the ones that are going to get the most benefit from them. So to answer the question “Should I be investing in Facebook Ads?”, you absolutely MUST answer these six questions first and then create a plan to tackle your digital advertising strategy from there.

What’s holding you back from investing in Facebook Ads? Let me know in the comments.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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