Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to collect information, grow email lists, and offer deals. Signing up for an ad is easy and can be a valuable addition to your digital branding strategy. Facebook Lead Ads are a no stress, low-cost way to collect valuable information from your target audience.

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

There are an endless amount of way nonprofits, and consumer-related organizations can use these ads. These ads could even rival Dynamic Ads in terms of collecting data points from people that care about your cause.

So why use Facebook Lead Ads for your business? What makes Facebook Lead Ads worth the switch and effort?

Let’s go over the basics first.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads are an ad format that allows your potential customers to connect with your business in a low-commitment, low-barrier way by signing up to receive specific information. This can be in the form of a newsletter, a coupon, a product demonstration, or even something in person like a test drive.

With a simple click on your lead ad, users are taken to a form that is already full of information from their Facebook profile. This makes it easy to complete the form in a few clicks with little to no typing.

No typing is almost essential for Facebook’s 1.15 billion mobile daily active users because trying to fill out forms on a smartphone can take almost 40% longer than it’s desktop alternative.

Once they have filled out your form, you can then download the contacts from your Facebook Lead Ads campaign for your sales team.

Your lead ad will look like any other link ad. It will have a CTA button on the surface, just like most ads.

However, when you click on this kind of CTA button, usually it will say ‘apply now’ or ‘get quote’ or something similar, the user will be shown a form from Facebook.

Grow your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead AdsHow do Facebook Lead Ads Work?

Facebook Lead Ads are ingenuitive because they take the information that people already share on Facebook and put it together in a convenient form.

When a person clicks on your Facebook Lead Ad, a form will open with the person’s contact information already populated. Having their information automatically populated makes filling out the form as simple as a few clicks.

One click to open the ad, and one to submit the autofilled form.

If a user feels like they need to change anything, however, that option is still available. People can still edit all of their contact information before submitting a form, and the old information won’t be sent to the business or organization unless the person clicks ‘submit.’

Facebook is always working on their user experience, and their lead ads are no different. They have made it possible to customize the lead ad forms to allow businesses or nonprofit organizations to ask open-ended questions or multiple choice questions. This allows these brands to receive the information that is most important to their cause.

Each lead ad form that Facebook has offers standardized and customizable fields. Facebook advertisers can also choose to include a customizable disclaimer. This allows companies with pre-approved lead language to add their approved disclaimer to the lead ads they choose to run. Having this option makes running a nonprofit marketing ad so much easier.

Why Should You Use Facebook Lead Ads?

Grow your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are more convenient for everyone involved. This is why:

1. Facebook Lead Ads pull already collected data

Now you don’t have to worry about gathering enough information; it will already be there for you. Individuals will no longer avoid having to fill out a long form because Facebook will fill the boxes out for them.

2. Facebook Lead Ads capture leads without a landing page or form

This type of ad lets you do away with the old time consuming and expensive process to make a landing page. Now you don’t have to worry about creating the ‘want,’ creating the form to capture the lead, creating a landing page, or worrying about creating and dispensing your ads. Facebook takes care of it for you.

3. Facebook Lead Ads eliminates steps for your audience

The odds are pretty good that your buyers are like most other buyers. They’re usually difficult to convince that the offer you’re giving them is something they want enough to hand over their information for. Facebook lead ads eliminate the need to think too much about giving up their information, giving your audience a path of least resistance to maximize conversions.

4. Facebook Lead Ads won’t take people away from Facebook

Users will be able to continue their experience uninterrupted by signing up for your product. Mobile traffic on Facebook is only growing, so it’s important that your ads be mobile user-friendly. If you’re not providing the optimal user experience for the majority of your visitors, you’ll be missing out on sales and conversions.

How to Make a Facebook Leads Ad

Here are step by step instructions to walk you through the creation process.

Step 1

Inside your Facebook Ads Manager, choose the marketing objective ‘lead generation’ under the tab ‘consideration.’

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

Make sure that under page you have the Facebook business page you want to collect leads for selected. You will then need to review the terms and conditions for your lead ads for every page that you choose to promote.

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

Be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully because they will contain details about how you’re allowed to use the information you collect, as well as your privacy responsibilities.

Step 2

Select your parameters for each of Facebook’s categories. There will be a meter on the right side of the page that will show your estimated daily reach, so keep an eye on that. Also, remember that you cannot choose an audience younger than 18 for your Facebook Lead Ads.

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

When deciding on your ad schedule, be sure that aren’t running ads that require follow-up at times when your team is busy, or your office is closed.

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

When you’ve made the selections you want, just click continue.

Step 3

Choose the ad format that you want, either carousel, single image, single video, or slideshow. Then add your images.

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

When you scroll down to enter your headline and your text, be sure to clearly describe your offer with a valuable benefit to your target audience. This will make viewers more motivated to share their information. Then you can enter the text for your call-to-action button, or you can choose to stick with the default ‘sign up’.

If you want to use Facebook pixel to track your Facebook ads and see how people interact with your site, simply click advanced options to add it.

Step 4

Clicking on questions will allow you to select what type of information you want to collect from the people who click on your Facebook Lead Ads. Be sure to only ask for what you really need. Asking for too much information will cause many viewers to abandon the sign-up process, leaving you with nothing.

Step 5

Your Facebook Lead Ads must always include a link to your privacy policy, so be sure to scroll down and enter one. Then you get to choose your thank you screen which is what will pop up when they complete your form.

If you like how your preview looks, then you can click finish and your ad is complete, or click save if you want to be able to make changes later.

Once you’re ready for your ad to be live, simply click place order.

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Brands Using Facebook Lead Ads

There are already some big names using Facebook Lead Ads that can show you how it can benefit your brand.

Miami Dolphins

Grow Your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

When the football team’s new stadium opened, the Miami Dolphin’s marketing team realized that they could use it as an opportunity to create excitement about the team and consequently boost season ticket sales.

By creating lookalike audiences that were modeled after their current season ticket holders and offering those users an invitation to tour the new stadium through lead ads, they were able to generate 4,600 leads and more than 200 season ticket sales.

Baked NYC

Grow your Digital Brand with Facebook Lead Ads

Baked wanted to grow their email list, so they used Facebook’s ad targeting to create an audience who had shown an interest in baking, excluding those already following them.

Their ad featured a welcome screen that offered the coolest recipes, info about classes and events, and special offers and discounts.

Their campaign saw a 68% increase in leads and 30% cost decrease in acquiring leads.

Final Thoughts

Facebook Lead Ads are simple to create and can bring in big numbers for your brand. They are convenient for everyone involved, and your target audience won’t have to actually type in their information. This makes it less likely that they’ll back out after clicking on your call-to-action. If you’re looking for a quick way to connect with users on Facebook, these Facebook Lead Ads are a great option.

Have you tried using Facebook advertising? If so, what were your results?

Written by
Juntae DeLane