10 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Facebook has made some changes to its News Feed algorithm. Here’s how to improve your Facebook Ad conversions after those big social media changes.

What Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Changes Means for your Digital Brand

The Facebook News Feed algorithm changes mean that brands on Facebook really need to up their game. Many social media teams with small budgets may have noticed that these changes have caused a dip in organic reach figures. Since conversions are the priority of many businesses, this might seem like bad news.

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However, Facebook is still the number one social media site for driving conversions; or turning browsers into buyers and followers. Around the world, people spend about a third of their total daily time online on social media. So, it’s no surprise that Facebook advertising gets results. Here are 10 tips make your next Facebook a rousing success and increase your Facebook ad conversions.

1. Define Your Conversion Goals

Before you try to convert anyone, you need to know what your goal is for your conversions. Know what action you want people to take after they see your ad. The types of conversions supported by Facebook include:

  • View content
  • Add to wishlist
  • Initiate checkout
  • Purchase

One social media ad will not be able to support all of these goals by itself. You will need a larger ad strategy that includes separate ads for each specific goal. Think about where these goals fit into the consumer journey and target accordingly. Before you launch an ad campaign, you need to know your brand, know your customer, and know your goals.

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2. Have a Stellar Landing Page

Your ads might be incredible, but if once users click them they are led to a lackluster landing page, you might lose those potential conversions. Make sure you have a landing page that delivers on your ad’s promises. Here are some ways to improve your Facebook ad conversions by beefing up your landing page:

  • Implement Pixel: Add the Facebook Pixel code to the page where your conversions will occur to track them.
  • Aim for Continuity: Make sure your landing page delivers any promises and is consistent in look and tone with your ads.
  • Optimize for Apps: Mobile is on the rise, so you might want to drive people to your mobile app.

3. Get Visual

facebook ad conversions

It takes less than 3 seconds for a user’s eye to choose where to settle on a web page. Using stand-out imagery that captures the eye makes sure that your ad is noticed. Before people read content, they notice the design and gather their first impressions visually. In order to make sure your ads capture the eye your ads should be:

  • Light on text
  • The correct size specs
  • GIF or video based

4. Keep Social Media Copy Short and Snappy

Crisp copy that easy to read and understand is key. If the copy is too lengthy or complex, it’s likely Facebook users will just skip over it. In order to craft the most effective ad copy, keep it brief and simple. Avoid jargon and focus instead on visual content. Video content on Facebook receives roughly 3 times the reach of text-only content. Don’t be afraid to use personal pronouns like “you” and “your. These suggest a brand-consumer relationship.

5. Craft A Strong CTA

Conversions are all about motivating your audience to take an action of some kind. This is why a strong call to action is essential. Define your goal and use strong direct verbs to inspire users to complete it. If your goal is to get social media users to visit a product page or learn about your digital brand, verbs like “start” and “explore” will be useful. If your goal is to gain subscriptions instead, opt for “sign up.”

6. Consider Your Audience

When you make an ad, opt into “targeting expansion.” When you do this, Facebook will find more users that are similar to those that you have targeted in the “interest targeting section.” This allows you to reach more people and possibly also even drive more conversions at a reduced cost per conversion. Therefore, taking this action will help maximize your Facebook ad conversions.

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7. Pick Your Ad Format Strategically

In order to increase your Facebook ad conversions, you need to do more than just have ads. You also need to have the right ads, and they must be in the right format to suit your goals. Depending on your campaign goals, certain ads will work for you better than others. Facebook offers several ad formats including:

  • Carousel and Collection Ads: For when you have multiple products or features to highlight.
  • Facebook Offer Ads: To announce deals or special offers.
  • Facebook Canvas Ads: To showcase bold and high-impact visuals.

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8. Track Conversions Across Multiple Devices

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Track clicks and conversions from mobile to desktop. Even if your campaign only runs on desktop, Facebook suggests that you install Facebook Software Development Kit on your mobile app, if you happen to have one. This gives Facebook the ability to collect more audience data and expand your target audience based on that data. This means that more social media users will see your ads.

9. You Might Need To Optimize For Link Clicks

If your ad is not attaining the conversion numbers that you want within the first few days, this may be because Facebook does not have enough data to properly deliver your ad. Facebook requires 50 conversions per ad with the first 7 days to deliver it effectively.

If you are wondering how many conversions you have landed, it is actually easy to figure it out. Check the Ads Manager. If you find that your ad has less than 50 conversions, optimize for link clicks rather than conversions.

10. Convert Analytics Into Insights

Social media campaigns must be carefully monitored. Track your campaign analytics and adjust based on the data you receive. See what works and what does not work and use that information to inform future campaigns.

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How to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversions

Ultimately, the success of your Facebook ad campaigns will depend on a number of factors. The look, structure, copy, and format you choose are all key, but they must lead to an effective landing page. Having specific ad goals per campaign and then using Facebook’s many ad tools strategically to achieve those goals can work wonders for high-converting Facebook ads.

This is how you get the results you want. Whether you are looking to sell something specific, draw customers to your site or app, or simply raise brand awareness across social media, a strategic use of Facebook ads can help you do all of that and more.

What kinds of social media ads do you think are the least and most effective? Why? Comment below…

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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