How Emotional Triggers Get People To Buy

What does it take to sell ice to an Eskimo? So many believe this to be inconceivable. But depending on the situation, it’s possible–right? Certainly at some point in this process you will have to consider their emotions.

Triggering emotions in the sales process not only works in this inconceivable situation but also when trying to get potential customers to buy your products or services.

The folks at CoxBLUE developed an infographic that displays how to incorporate emotions in your marketing communications.

How Emotional Triggers Get People To Buy



  • FEAR – “Don’t get left behind”
  • GUILT – “Your contribution can make the difference between these children eating dinner and going to bed hungry”
  • TRUST – “No gimmicks or hidden costs”
  • VALUE – “You won’t find a better deal anywhere else”
  • BELONGING – “Join today and see what everyone’s talking about”
  • COMPETITION – “Be the envy of your neighbors”
  • INSTANT GRATIFICATION – “Talk to one of our representatives so you can stop worrying today”
  • LEADERSHIP – “Be the first of your friends to take advantage of this offer”
  • TRENDSETTING – “Be like your favorite celebs”
  • TIME – “Clean your house in half the time”




Written by
Juntae DeLane