How Digital Branding Can Skyrocket Your Product Launch

Now that you’ve developed a great new product, it’s time to make buzz and get your audience excited. Digital branding can help you do just that.

Your digital brand is made up of your digital identity, visibility, and credibility, as defined by the Digital Branding Institute. Digital branding will help you build brand awareness. It will also help you resonate with your audience. Then you will be able to convert potential clients into customers.

3 Steps to Skyrocket your Product Launch

1. Establish Your Identity

Establish identity before product launch

Establishing a clear and consistent digital identity is crucial when introducing a new product. But, before you can develop your identity you must understand your audience, offering, and organization.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What are their challenges?
  • How does your offering meet their needs?
  • What is your mission?
  • What are your values?

Tell your story with video: If you want your audience to know and like your brand, you must tell a compelling and unique brand story. This will help them relate to you. It will also help them understand your brand’s personality and values.

Video is one effective way to share your story. It can help your audience feel connected to your brand. Also, people like to consume content in different ways. So, offering different formats for your content can help you reach more people.

Communicate your difference with your landing page. Make sure the colors and language of your product landing page match your brand. Also, make sure that it supports your new launch.

Remember, be authentic and show your personality. Don’t use a bunch of design elements or language just because they’re trending. If they make no sense for your brand, your customers will be able to tell. Convey what’s special about your brand and your new product.

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2. Increase Your Visibility

Queen GIF

There are many ways to promote your product and reach your audience with digital branding. You want to meet your audience where they are and get them talking. Here are a few steps you can take to make social buzz for your new product.

Create a Hashtag

A hashtag is a great tool for marketing your new product. Create a unique and appropriate hashtag for your launch. Use your hashtag across networks and in all your launch communications. Don’t forget to include it on your landing page as well.

If you can get people interested in and using your hashtag, it is free social media marketing for you. The more enthusiasm you can build on social media, the more visible your new product will be.

Leverage Social Shopping

Social shopping is here. It allows your audience to buy your product when they see it on a social network. They can do this without leaving the site.

For example, with Twitter Buy Now, users can purchase a product while they’re on Twitter with a few easy taps.

Also, if you have a Facebook business page, you can include a shop section. Add your product and information to let customers purchase it right from your page.

Partner With Influencers

Form strategic partnerships with influencers to access their following. This will allow you to increase your reach and build excitement.

However, not just any influencer will do. You want to partner with an influencer who is a good match for your brand’s personality, values, and goals. You also want to make sure that they have a solid relationship with their base. Also, they should have a good reputation online.

It’s not all about numbers. You don’t need to pay a mega-influencer or celebrity like Millie Bobby Brown hundreds of thousands to get results. Look at the health and activity of the influencer’s community. Look at their digital branding too. Remember, successful influencers have credibility and trust amongst their base. Trust has no number. This is what you leverage when they vouch for your product.

Let influencers preview your product, host a takeover and create content for your brand.

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3. Establish Your Credibility

Product launch can establish credibility

If you want to gain the trust of potential customers, you need to build credibility.

A big part of that will come down to your digital branding. After all, more people will interact with your digital brand than your physical one. People often look up products and businesses online.

Then, based on what they find, make purchasing decisions. This is why you need a digital brand that looks professional, modern, and credible.

You can also ease concerns about your new product and make customers feel like you value them by collecting and sharing feedback.

Send A Survey

Follow up with customers who have purchased or tried your new product. Find out if you delivered as promised and if you have room to improve. Be sure to award participation. Collect and share testimonials from satisfied customers.

Ask For Ratings, Reviews, And Testimonials

Positive ratings, reviews, and testimonials let your customers sell your product for you. They also allow peer-to-peer communication of your offering’s value.

Remember, customers are often suspicious of the claims that brands make. After all, you are selling the product. You also make a profit off its sale. So, it makes sense that you would paint it in the best possible light.

The modern customer is often savvy and careful with their money. However, they do trust each other. If your product rakes in positive reviews and inspires a lot of user-generated content, that is a big plus. It will make it seem more authentic and accessible to consumers.

Encourage ratings and feedback on review sites. Also, ask users to share their thoughts on social media using your hashtag. When they do that, it is essentially free social media marketing and a digital branding boost for you.

Are You Ready To Use Digital Branding To Launch Your Next Hit Product?

By following these 3 steps, you can establish your digital identity, visibility, and credibility. Then, you will attract customers and successfully launch your new product.

Remember, you might have an amazing product. However, if your digital branding does not make it truly shine, customers are likely to miss out on it. You can strategically use digital branding to make sure that your product launch is a smashing success!

What do you think is most important for digital branding when it comes to launching a successful product? 

Written by
Juntae DeLane