How to Build Your Digital Brand with Case Studies

You work with clients every day who are in love with what you do. The problem is, you haven’t figured out a way to let the world know. Case studies can be an effective tool for capturing the attention of potential clients and building your digital brand. Today you will learn how to build your digital brand with case studies.

A case study is a lot more than just a testimonial. A case study is a purposeful dive into researching how your client found you, what the client enjoyed about working with you, and the results you helped them to create. This is often done via a recorded interview over the phone or video.

Quick Tips on How to Conduct the Case Study

The first step to conducting a case study is to pinpoint which clients would be the best to ask.

Which clients represent your “ideal client?”

Also, think about those clients who received results beyond what they expected. This will demonstrate high value to potential clients who are looking for someone just like you to solve their problem.

The next step is to invite your client to do a recorded interview via the phone or video. Once complete, get the interview transcribed and start thinking about ways you can repurpose your interviews on social media.

Rather than just post the video or audio on one outlet only, think about how you can repurpose this new content so that your message is syndicated across multiple platforms. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How to Build Your Digital Brand with Case Studies

Your website: Post the transcript and video/audio on your blog. Also, find short quotes you can use in strategic places on your website, i.e., the home page, about page, testimonials page, products, and services page, etc. Don’t forget to include their photo.

Facebook Live: What are 3 to 5 key results pulled from your case studies you can share with your Facebook business page audience or group? This is a great way to promote your “discovery session” or advertise the next step to working with you.

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Instagram: Can you pull out 5 or more short quotes from your customer to post on top of a beautiful graphic?

Pinterest: You can use the same quotes and pictures from Instagram on Pinterest. If there is an obvious flow or concept you can explain using an infographic, you can share that here as well.

YouTube: Chop the video up into smaller soundbites. These soundbites can serve as quick commercials for your business.

Twitter: Take the Instagram and Pinterest posts and schedule them to post automatically on Twitter.

Podcast: Turn your audio into a podcast. You can use iTunes, Soundcloud, or a host of other podcasting tools to spread your message.

Snapchat: Cut your video into snaps and upload the clipped videos into your stories.

Lead Magnet: Every entrepreneur should be concerned with continuously building her email list every day. Gather 2 to 3 of your best case studies and turn it into a lead magnet. Further expound on your clients’ success in an autoresponder series.

Ebook or Printed Material: If you meet someone at a conference or networking event that you would love to work with, why not further introduce yourself to them? Give them a printed copy of your case study or follow up with them via email with a link to your ebook.

You may also utilize it during the onboarding process for new clients to keep them excited about working with you after they have made a payment.

Press Release: Use some of the most impressive quotes from your interview as part of a press release to unveil a new product launch.

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Case studies can become an ongoing part of your marketing process to help you stay on top of what is working best for your clients and customers. Once you understand what is working, it makes it much easier to build a growth plan and build your digital brand sustainably for years to come.

Written by
Halona Black

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