How to Repurpose Content to Maximize Your Marketing Dollar

Content marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. No matter the size of your marketing budget, you’ll maximize your marketing dollar spent by repurposing your content.

In this high-velocity content marketing world, marketers are vying for consumers’ attention. The benefits of content creation in your marketing strategy are apparent and evidence shows that content helps increase your search engine ranking and SEO efforts.

So, when optimizing your marketing strategy, have you considered repurposing your content? If not, this is one of the best ways to stretch your marketing budget.

Here’s how to repurpose content to maximize your marketing dollar:

Know Your Audience

Your consumers have unique pain-points and your content must address these needs to be effective.


Understand the Preferred Content Types of Each Persona

Some of your consumers may like to read articles or listen to podcasts, while others prefer quick visual infographics or slideshare presentations. You may have a consumer who loves watching videos or likes quizzes. If you begin with a well-researched story, you can provide enough information to be repurposed or repackaged to appeal to each consumer.

Create Content Outlines

The best way to ensure content type is unique is by creating a detailed outline of the content type, the information contained, and the platform used for distribution.

For instance:

An Article: Let’s say you create an article about “Tips for living a healthy life.” These tips should be short and include facts, figures, and associated imagery. Create five tips in three categories: food, fitness, and lifestyle. Each may be a separate blog post or presented in its entirety.

A Slideshow: Present the three blog posts as slideshows.



A Pinterest Board: Create a “Healthy Life” board on Pinterest and turn each tip and image into a pin. Remember to edit each tip down to 50 words or less for the pin’s description. You can also create separate boards for the food, fitness, and lifestyle tips.


A Quiz: Edit the three tip posts so that the content can be presented as an interactive quiz.


An Infographic: Design an infographic that includes all the statistics and facts about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Create three separate infograhics for each of the three categories.

How to Repurpose Content to Maximize Your Marketing Dollar

A Video: Turn the infographic elements into an animated video with narration that mirrors article.


A Facebook Post: Turn each tip into an individual Facebook post. Remember to create a call-to-action, driving your fans back to your website.

A Twitter Tweet: Turn your tips into tweets. Don’t forget to include your website URL and account for its characters within the 140 character limit.

Consumer-Generated Content (CGC): Create a call-to-action asking consumers to share their own health tips and insights on social media and your blog. Share the best ones on your social media.


Measure and Refine

Each piece of content should have associated customer actions such as the rate of engagement. Once you’ve defined your key performance metrics you can align the metrics with each piece of content.

Measuring each piece of content is essential when determining which one resonates well with consumers. This knowledge lets you refine your strategy and focus on enhancing the type of content that drives the greatest results.


As demonstrated in this blog post, with a little marketing savvy and planning, one article can easily become several pieces of content.

How have you repurposed your content? Was it successful?

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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