3 Reasons Why Twitter Moments Benefits Your Digital Brand

3 Reasons Why Twitter Moments Benefits Your Digital Brand

Stories have become a major component of social media. Snapchat and Instagram have created a buzz around this functionality. Recently, Twitter has upped its game by opening Twitter Moments to brands.

Moments curates a collection of tweets specific to a topic or news story collected by a Twitter editor.

By extending this creative format to more people, and eventually to everyone on Twitter, we are giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.
– Gaby Pena, Twitter

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3 Reasons Why Twitter Moments Benefits Your Digital Brand

Twitter moments provide a great opportunity to encourage User Generated Content (UGC) and engagement with live events and specific topics.

Twitter Moments allow your brand to create and curate the story you want to tell. You can curate stories using specific Tweets or hashtags from different conversations.

This feature benefits your digital brand in several ways:

1. Promote Engagements

One of the best ways to truly connect and engage with your audience is to highlight their content on your platform.

By doing so, you’ll create a deeper level of affinity as promoting user generated content will convey that you are actively listening to consumers and care so much about their content that you want everyone else to consume it as well.

People build relationships with people by sharing content that is important and meaningful.

If your brand uses Twitter Moments to engage in this manner, you’ll increase consumer affinity, and be well on your way to converting them to loyal customers.

2. Control Brand Messaging

In a world where your brand is shaped by social media engagements, anything that you can do to position how your brand is perceived is a benefit. Twitter Moments allow you to have more control over brand messaging.

You’re able to mitigate spam by curating Tweets and selecting only what you want to be highlighted.

3. No Need For Hashtags

Many brands use hashtags to form conversations around a specific topic. Unfortunately, hashtags can be hijacked and littered with spam which may negatively impact your digital brand.

By using Twitter Moments instead of hashtags exclusively, you can create a destination for conversation by sharing the Moment with your audience.

In Conclusion

Overall, Twitter Moments can benefit your digital brand by helping to curate a story that underscores your brand identity.

Moments allow increased visibility as this new feature is showcased in a separate tab on Twitter. You can also enhance your brand credibility by using the feature to convey your understanding and point of view on topics that resonate with your audience.

Using Twitter Moments to activate your audience and steer your brand message in the right direction will benefit your digital brand.

How would you rank Twitter Moments against Snapchat and Instagram Stories? Is this a viable option for your brand? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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