3 Highly Effective Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

Highly Effective Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

If you are posting on Facebook daily, but still hearing crickets…You aren’t using Facebook video marketing effectively.

There is no shortage of traffic on Facebook, so the problem may lie in your content marketing strategy.

You must impress your viewers with quality content that will make you get listed as their “See First” option.

The best way to deliver content that will make this happen is through video.

Never forget, knowledge is the new currency…especially when it’s directly about your prospects.

Now, I’m going to show you how small businesses can make their huge waves in this endless ocean, with some pretty useful and creative video marketing strategies.

Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

I am pretty sure you have noticed those smooth auto-play videos in your newsfeed. Some of them consist of funny animals and some cute babies.

Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

The videos that land in your newsfeed, aren’t there by accident. Facebook’s algorithms keep track of everything people like, share, and comment on. Now, with the other emotions, your anger and sadness are  also thrown in the mix.

I’m not telling you that you need to compete with an adorable toddler by any means. But what you can do is make catchy videos that will appeal to your target audience.

Happiness. Inspiration. Desire. Hope. Pride. (These are the biggest hitters!)

You need to make sure that you “win” new followers over immediately. Once you begin developing that emotional connection, you’ll have a follower for your brand’s lifetime. Once you lure them in, it’s up to you to provide them with quality content and steady engagement to keep them coming back again and again.

1. Facebook Live Streaming

It’s hard to fake genuine emotions in front of a live interactive audience. Live Streaming is a huge factor in Facebook’s algorithms.

Organic posts on Facebook only reach 6% of your audience but, Facebook notifies your followers when you begin your live streaming posts. This is huge!

Facebook video marketing on Iphone

Now it’s time to nail those live feeds, stick with the formula, get more followers!

Use this feature for fun or informative events. Either way, it gives you the chance to reach your entire audience, so make sure you nail it!

You can let your audience know ahead of time that you are going to be going live. You can do this through Snapchat, email blast, Instagram, etc.

Tips for Success

  • Plan your videos to run for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will give followers enough time to pop in and view your video while it’s live, even if they are a few minutes late. Some of the best live videos are around 30-60 minutes.
  • Also, make sure you recap on key points, just in case someone comes in late and misses key info.
  • The longer your video is streaming, the more viewers you’ll have to interact with. The more interaction you have, the higher you will be rated by Facebook.
  • The replay will be there later, but the more engagement you have during the live broadcast the better.
  • Whether it be via text, image, or video, your main objective should be to share posts that provide your audience with value.
  • And remember, sometimes entertainment can be just as valuable as information. A nice mix of the two is recommended. This keeps your audience entertained and informed…altogether happy.

Make Sure your Post is Valuable

If you aren’t sure if your post is valuable, simply ask yourself:

  1. Would this provide me with something worthwhile?
  2. Would I appreciate this showing up in my newsfeed?
  3. Is this post relevant to my target audience or their wants and needs?

If you can answer yes to those three questions, then you have a good post.

2. Facebook “Native” Videos

There are guidelines to everything…posting on Facebook as well. Here is a small list of some things to keep in mind.

  • Remember videos now auto-play within your timeline. Viewers don’t have to click on your promotion to watch the entire video.
  • Attention grabbing headlines within the video and the captions are the best ways to improve the number of people your message will reach.
  • Don’t waste time posting external video links on Facebook. These will barely see the light of day since Facebook will drop them from your audiences timeline.
  • The best length for pre-recorded videos on Facebook are 2-3 minutes. If your video is longer you can cut into the short snippets to suit Facebook and upload the video directly to the your page.
  •  Attach in the comments a full link to the video or website link where they can learn more.
  • Don’t go for the hard sell on Facebook.

3. Cross Promotion

Cross promoting is a great strategy for Facebook video marketing. Be on the lookout for businesses that compliment your brand. More than likely, their audience will have similar interests as yours.

You need to take full advantage of this! Never leave money sitting on the table.

Contribute to their page with positive interaction whenever possible. Politely introduce yourself via messenger, and build your tribe!

Pay it Forward

Ensure that you have viable content that is relative to their viewers and will provide positive attention to their business, and you will reap benefits in return. If you haven’t figured it out, it’s all about paying it forward in this business.

You can even jump on Facebook Live streaming swap sessions with these businesses after you’ve created a trusting relationship. Try to do this at least once monthly with new partners. You’ll notice amazing growth within your business as you begin building long-term relationships.

Nurture your Partnership

Treat your partners and their followers just as you would your own. Make them feel special.
This new relationship may give your business the promotion and clients you are searching for.


New visitors are attracted to a highly engaged page. Seeing you making an effort to connect will attract the type of people you want in your community.

Provide awesome feedback and personal engagement. You can even politely suggest engaged subscribers to leave reviews for your brand.

Word of mouth is always in. Getting people to talk about you will grow your business substantially.

I want to see what type of creative videos you come up with to grow your business. Let me know in the comments.

Written by
Rachel S. Lee

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