Mobile Devices and The In-Store Decision-Making Process

Mobile devices are playing a more instrumental role in the in-store decision-making process, according to the results of a February survey from Ipsos MediaCT, which was commissioned by the IAB.

While 42% of in-store mobile device using shoppers ultimately made their purchase online, 30% made their purchase in the store. In addition, those who used their mobile phones while shopping were also more likely to make an unplanned purchase (32% in-store versus 22% online).

Key learnings from this report convey the importance of mobile sites having an aggressive call-to-action strategy that incorporates the physical environment. Particularly, you must consider mobile to prevent customers from walking past your product in the shopping aisle. A great case study is the Doritos “Love or Money?” campaign. In 2005, Doritos started a new discussion by asking its target consumers which would  they prefer: “Buddy or Love?”


Turkish participants were asked to text the unique codes placed in the product packages and their choice between Buddy or Love, to the campaign’s short code. In return, participants randomly won millions of credits/airtime or Adriana Lima wallpapers who also appeared on the campaign’s TVC. 50 participants, who texted the reason of their choice between Buddy or Love with a good explanation, were chosen by the jury and won 1.000 TL (750 USD) worth debit card. Throughout the campaign, according to the highest daily participation, each day one participant won 1.000 credits/250 minutes.


The participation of over  600.000 was gathered in a 3 month period. The results of the campaign show that Turkish young people prefer their buddies to their loves. 54 percent of the participants chose Buddy while 46 percent chose Love.

Do you feel this campaign helped to increase sales? How do you feel Doritos can leverage this information for future marketing campaigns? I would love to know your thoughts.

Written by
Juntae DeLane