6 Tips for Repurposing Your Best Content

Content marketing is a tried and true technique to attract an audience. While there’s no denying the benefits of content marketing, creating successful content can require a lot of planning, energy, effort, and time. If you are running low on ideas or time, work smarter and not harder by repurposing your content. Here are 6 tips for repurposing your best content.

6 Tips for Repurposing Your Best Content

1. Repurpose Your Evergreen Content for a Different Medium

Evergreen content is ideal for repurposing because it withstands the test of time. Your evergreen content provides information that is continuously relevant.

If you have a piece of evergreen content that has successfully resonated with your audience, you have an opportunity to create more value for your audience and drive more traffic to your site.

Since all content is not created equal in the minds of consumers, you want to understand the preferred content types for your personas and segments. While some of your consumers may prefer to read blog posts, others may enjoy listening to podcasts or watching videos. Stretch your evergreen content by distributing it in a different medium.

Ebook: combine your evergreen content on a specific topic into an ebook.

Checklist: if you have a how-to or any instructional content, consider creating a downloadable checklist.

Podcast: use a video transcript or blog post to record a podcast.

Videographic: pair images with text and audio to create a videographic.

Slideshow: share the important points from your evergreen content in a visual way with a SlideShare.

2. Refresh Dated Content

You’ve likely put a ton of effort and time into creating content, especially any long-form content. To get the most out of your efforts, breathe new life into content that performed well in the past.  You can easily repurpose the content by adding new examples or references.

If you have a piece of content which features best hacks or tools, create a new piece of content with the latest information. For example, a piece of content on the top 10 tactics for a particular social network can benefit from being published year to year as features and algorithms change.

3. Create an Email Series

Email continues to be a powerful channel. Whether you have thousands of email subscribers or if you’re working on building your list, you can deliver valuable content to your audience by creating an email series or course. Select the content you want to repurpose, plan a distribution schedule, then setup the campaign. Here are a few series to consider:

  • Divide a blog post, or an ebook into a designated number of easy to consume  excerpts
  • Create an email series that features videos and includes bullet points with notes and takeaways
  • Send a series of blog posts on a specific topic to your subscribers

4. Take Your Content Live

Provide an opportunity for your audience to engage with your brand in real-time by creating live content around topics that resonated with your audience best. Review your analytics to determine your most popular pieces of content.

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After identifying your strongest content, use information from the existing content and take to live video or host a webinar around the topic. Open the floor to questions to learn even more about your audience’s interests.

5. Create Social Media Posts

Social media is a great tool to increase your visibility and present your content in an entirely different way. Break up your best content into small snippets and share in posts across your social profiles. Leverage the power of repurposing to build your brand.

Twitter: Host a Twitter chat around your content topic. Take quotes from your content and share them in tweets.

Instagram: Repurpose an existing video into multiple videos by pulling short clips.

Pinterest: Create boards inspired by your existing content and pin images.

6. Repurpose Your Content for a Guest Post

Repurpose your content by finding an opportunity to guest post. Guest posting allows you to both find a new use for content and expose your brand to a different or larger audience. If you are able to get high- quality backlinks from your guest posts, you can benefit from improved SEO and increased traffic.


Have you repurposed your content in any of the listed ways? Share your favorite tips for repurposing your best content below.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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