3 Steps to Develop Your Digital Brand Voice

Your digital brand voice expresses the true energy of your brand and communicates your brand personality.

If you are looking to build an identity that will resonate with your audience and help to convert them into customers, you must develop your digital brand voice.

Follow these 3 steps to develop your unique digital brand voice.

1. Consider your Audience, Offering, and Organization

To establish a digital brand voice for any brand, you must consider your audience, offering, and organization.

Understand your audience. Be sure to develop a thorough understanding of your customers or clients. You must understand your audience if you want to communicate with them effectively.

What are their challenges?

What is keeping them up at night?


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Deliver value from your offering. What problem do you solve? What value does your offering bring to the lives of your customers and clients?

Your digital brand voice must convey the value that your organization is providing for your audience.


Convey your organization’s core values. What is your organization’s purpose? What you say and how you say it directly correlates to your organizational culture, vision, and mission statement.

By aligning your audience, offering, and organization, you’ll have the framework for shaping your digital brand voice.

2. Define the Components of Your Digital Brand Voice

There are four components that make up your digital brand voice.

Like puzzle pieces, the individual components must fit together cohesively to create a brand voice consistent with your audience, organization, and offering.


Develop your voice by defining your character, purpose, language, and tone.

Character – your character is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to your brand’s voice.

Purpose – your purpose is an ownable point of view which delivers genuine value to consumers.

Language – language is the body of words, phrases, and terms your brand uses to describe its purpose or products.

Tone Tone is not what you say, but how you say it. Your tone goes beyond the words you choose to include their order, rhythm, and pace.

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3. Create a Digital Brand Voice Action Plan

After defining the components of your digital brand voice, you want to create a digital brand voice action plan to consistently convey your brand identity through your voice.

Your action plan is made up of your objective, promise, and personality.


How will you deliver a unique message? Being different is what separates you from the competition (both literally and figuratively).

How will you be transparent? It is expected that brands are transparent when communicating on social media. Your brand must be transparent if you want to earn your audience’s trust.

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In what ways do you think your brand can open up more and let your target audience understand you, your business processes, and the people behind the brand?


After you have engaged with your audience, how are you going to express your promise of helping them?

Does your brand voice convey credibility? Will your audience believe you and trust your message?


Consider personality the window to the soul of your brand.

When people engage with your digital brand what impression will they walk away with?

Would you like to be seen as full of life or laid back?

You must express the true energy of your tone so that you can deliver to your audience what they expect of you.

Similar to in the physical world, in the digital space sometimes people just aren’t inviting.

They may have a voice that isn’t warm and welcoming. Ultimately, your digital brand voice should be the opposite.

In Conclusion

Developing your digital brand voice is crucial to conveying your brand’s personality and authenticity.

Remember, both your message and delivery matter when communicating with your audience.

How will you develop your digital brand voice? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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