Understanding Facebook’s Owned, Paid and Earned Media



At this point we all know Facebook is the quintessential vehicle for garnering the three main forms of media on this platform: Owned, Paid, and Earned. After reading, you will understand these tools and how important they are to your Facebook strategy. Hopefully, this information will enhance your marketing objectives and help maximize the reach of your Facebook campaigns.


Owned Media

Owned media assets are essentially all Brand Pages, Places Pages, events and applications you own on Facebook. Naturally, you do not have placement fees or advertising costs on this type of media.

Paid Media

Paid media refers to advertisements that can be purchased on Facebook including Homepage Ads, News Feed Ads, Right Hand Side Ads and Sponsored Stories. All of these tools can be segmented to various demographics.

Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are paid messages generated by a brand that may be targeted to audiences that include fans, friends of fans, and non-fans.


Sponsored Stories


Sponsored Stories are paid messages that promote actions a fan has taken while engaging with your brand’s content, such as liking your page or post, installing your application, claiming your offer, or checking into your business location. Currently, Sponsored Stories may only be targeted to fans and friends of fans.


Page Post Ads


Page Post Ads are ads you can generate from your brand’s page and promote post activity for that page. These ads can be used to acquire new fans and drive existing fans back to content on your brand’s Facebook page. These ads are highly effective at generating engagement and are increasingly used by retailers and other direct marketers to drive significant off-Facebook sales and revenue.


Mobile News Feed Ads


In essence, Mobile News Feed Ads are the same as your standard desktop ads, however, they are optimized for mobile versions of Facebook.

Earned Media

Earned Media refers to the incremental exposure your brand “earns” through the engagements and interactions users have with your owned or paid content. Your business should always consider earned media as keystone to your digital marketing strategy. It extends your marketing reach and creates authentic engagements with Facebook users. Once your fans have liked your page, they can interact with your page posts and help extend your reach throughout their network of friends by liking, sharing, and commenting on your content.

When growing your fan base, research from GroupM suggests that 10% of a brand’s fans are reached through organic page post activity due to the sheer volume of posts and updates that compete for limited space in the user’s News Feed.

Hopefully you now have no problem understanding Facebook’s owned, paid and earned media.

With this in mind, what strategy do you employ to induce earned media?

Written by
Juntae DeLane