28 Real Estate Hashtags To Sell Your Next Dream Home

Real Estate hashtags

Whether you are helping a client buy or sell a home, social media can be used to help you get the job done. Using real estate hashtags allows you to attract new clients, engage with locals, and build your reputation as a credible choice.

Here are some of the best ways to use real estate hashtags to reach your goals.

28 Real Estate Hashtags To Sell Your Next Dream Home

Using real estate hashtags in addition to your current marketing programs is a great way to build your digital brand and get more clients and leads.

Rather than solely relying on your local network, hashtags allow you to connect with an extended network of others using the same keywords.

Why You Should Use Real Estate Hashtags

You may be surprised to know,

80% of all home buyers are searching online.

Contactually- Real Estate Statistics for 2016

From expecting to see pictures of homes online to increasingly using mobile devices for house hunting, consumers have taken home buying and selling digital.

For some consumers, not having a digital showcase of your offerings is a dealbreaker.

You need to create a sustainable digital branding strategy in order to create a lasting impression and grow your business.

Real Estate hashtag On Twitter

Hashtags connect you to people interested in or searching for a certain topic on social media. For example, #RealEstate connects a community of people interested in topics and discussions related to buying, selling or renting property. It is a hashtag used by real estate agents, investors, and potential clients.

Attract Buyers or Sellers

If you are looking to attract home buyers or home sellers, you can use real estate hashtags to get in front of your audience.

Speak Directly to Your Audience

Use the hashtags #homebuyers or #homesellers to share client success stories. By seeing the work you’ve done and the joy you’ve brought to other clients, potential clients can be drawn to your brand.

A Keller Willaims real estate agent uses the buyer hashtag to not only show off the home that was purchased but to also show gratitude to clients. This post creates a sense that the agent is both useful and genuine in her service.

Use Hashtags Specific to Your Home Type

If you have a specific type of property available, you can use the corresponding hashtags to connect with an interested audience looking for that specific home type.

Whether you have a luxury home, vacation home, or ranch home, you can use the specific hashtag to either promote your listing or look for potential clients seeking these types of homes.

Aisa Real Estate uses the hashtag #luxuryhomes to attract an audience of luxury home seekers.

Connect with Locals

Local real estate hashtags are also a valuable way to establish your presence and increase your visibility within the local market.

# location + real estate

Use the hashtag for the specific geographic area, city, or neighborhood of your listing and share a quality photo with wow-factor.

Uniq Realty uses the local hashtag #orangecountryrealestate to connect with a specific market.

Build Your Reputation

Your reputation is one of the ways people who are unfamiliar with your brand and your work decide to do business with you. Use hashtags to insert your brand into relevant conversations and gain the trust of your audience.

One way to build trust is to consistently provide accurate and valuable information. Share tips or post information about the neighborhood of your listing. Become a key resource for your target audience.

Real Estate hashtag on Instagram

Tools for Identifying Hashtags

There are quite a few online resources for finding the best real estate hashtags.

RiteTag is a tool that can be used to find Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hashtags.

Real estate search on hashtag engine RiteTag

In our example above we searched for “realestate” (you can search with or without the # sign).

RiteTag works by finding the most popular hashtags related to your search query.

View your results in 3 categories

  1. Very active – Use these to get seen now (green)
  2. Somewhat active – Use these to get seen over time (blue)
  3. Not active – These hashtags are not currently active (gray). In other words, there are more valuable ways to use your Twitter character limit real estate.

It is good practice to use a mixture of both very active and somewhat active hashtags. This is because the hashtags that are very active are often so popular that your post can easily get lost in a sea of tweets when you use them.

Somewhat active hashtags, on the other hand, have just the right amount of engagement. So your messages are more likely to be seen over time and are less likely to get lost in the noise.

Other online resources for finding popular hashtags include:

General Hashtags For Real Estate

Visual presentations are your best asset on social media.

A well-photographed image of the perfect home, for example, can work to sell itself with likes, reshares and other engagements. But only if they are accompanied by the right hashtags.

Here are some popular hashtags for real estate:  

Twitter + Instagram:

  • #RealEstate
  • #Home
  • #House
  • #Property
  • #Listing
  • #Realtor
  • #Mortgage
  • #Housing
  • #ForSale
  • #MillionDollarListing
  • #Mortgage
  • #Property

Instagram Only:

  • #NewHome
  • #HomeInspiration
  • #HomeDecor
  • #HomeSweetHome
  • #InteriorDesign
  • #LuxuryHome
  • #SecondHome
  • #HomeInspo
  • #HomeIdeas
  • #DreamHome
  • #VacationHome

Remember that you can also use hashtags for each part of a home that you want to showcase:

  • #Bedroom
  • #LivingRoom
  • #FirePlace
  • #Kitchen
  • #Balcony
  • #Foyer, etc

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Using hashtags is a great tactic to add to your current growth strategy. Use real estate hashtags to solidify the digital identity, visibility, and credibility of your brand.

Do you currently have a strategy for using real estate hashtags on social platforms? What are some of your favorite hashtags?

Written by
Nadia Carmon

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