How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media

How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media

It seems as though most small businesses understand the need to communicate through social media. However, they still have a “one size fits all”–or in this case, “one post fits all”–mentality.

When you create perfect posts on social media it’s important to tailor each communication piece to a specific audience then drill down to a specific social network. For instance, content on Linkedin will differ on Twitter on Pinterest and so on.

How to Create Perfect Posts on Social Media

Why is this important?

For starters, you will naturally increase reach and engagement by posting content that “fits” within the function of the social network such as the use of #hashtags and visual aids. Additionally, if you don’t tailor your communication, you stand to lose your social audience and, in turn, lose potential customers. So, my advice for today is: Don’t fall victim to blind posting! I found an infographic developed by My Clever Agency which outlines how to create perfect posts on social media. It provides basic guidelines for creating effective Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ content.

Here are a few highlights:


  • Be positive. Positivity is more appealing and inspiring for your fans, and it will encourage them to share your post.
  • Provide a link. Drive fans to your website. After all, your Facebook page exists to support your business.


  • Tag people. When appropriate, tag brands and people in your posts to encourage them to comment or engage with you.
  • Include large images. Don’t settle for the tiny photo that automatically appears when you include a link in a post. Upload a larger one to grab people’s attention.


  • Avoid human faces. Images without human faces get repinned 23 percent more often than images with faces.
  • Look for red. Images that are predominantly red or orange see twice as many repins as other images.


Have you found a change in the way you communicate on social media? Do you use more photos now? Have you noticed an increase/decrease in engagement when including pictures or Infographics? Click here to comment.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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