Free Twitter Tools to Help you Follow the People Who Matter Most

Using the Discover Tab will present a robust list of suggested followers. Twitter uses an algorithm to suggest followers based on information and behavior.

You can find suggested followers in the “Who to follow” section within your Twitter profile. Twitter also allows you to find friends and browse select topics of interest. However, these functions within the site are limiting and do not fully meet the needs of power users. So, I have included links and reviews of third-party websites that offer more robust alternatives.


Free websites for finding people that matter:


Twibes is a site that groups people into categories and allows you to select the categories you desire. A Twibe is a group of people that belong in a particular category. Leveraging “twibes” is very important if you are targeting key influencers in a particular niche market. With regard to PR, it is a great tool to stimulate viral buzz by identifying people who can amplify your message.

This site groups people together based on various topics or categories. You can search a topic and wefollow will give you a list of the most followers as well as the most influential. Let it be known, the amount of followers does not dictate your influence in the industry. This site does a nice job differentiating the two.

This service identifies the top influencers and it will automatically follow them on your behalf. There is a premium and free version you can try. (SocialBro)

Locafollow is great if you have a local business and want to find people in your area.

Do you use any of these tools? If so, what are you thoughts? If use different tools, please post them in the comment section…

Written by
Juntae DeLane