8 Steps to Getting Your Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is a very important tool for marketers. Verifying your knowledge of the tool is a sure way brush up on your skills and enhance your credibility. Here are 8 steps to getting your Google Analytics Certification.

Benefits of Taking the Google Analytics Certification Exam

Google Analytics is a robust tool. Finding out which campaigns are most effective, understanding your demographic, and discovering your worst performing pages are a few of the many insights that can be found with the tool. The question then becomes, how can you get the most out of Google Analytics?

One way to maximize your knowledge is by taking the certification exam, called the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ). The certification allows you to demonstrate your proficiency in analytics which can give you an edge against competitors who aren’t certified.

If you are ready to put your skills to the test, this guide will help you earn your certification in as little as a few days.

 8 Steps to Getting Your Google Analytics Certification

1. Go to the Google Partners page

To start, visit the Google Partners page and click “Join Google Partners.” You can use your Gmail account to sign up.

Google Analytics Certification

2. Watch the Google Analytics Academy Videos

Once you join Google Partners, you will have access to the Google Analytics Academy where you can take the 4 lessons Google provides to prep for the test:

  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Ecommerce Analytics
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics Certification

Each unit covers a few different topics, with videos, transcripts, and multiple choice activities at the end. These lessons are your best resources to start with. I would allocate around 10 hours to finishing this course.

DBI TIP: Do keep in mind that these courses are fast paced, so you can either pause the videos when you need to or take notes from the transcript before watching the video. These notes will help you later, as you are able to refer to them during the test.

3. Review Additional Guides and Tips

There are numerous resources available that offer practical tips for Google Analytics as well as advice for the exam. Tap into the wealth of knowledge already available. Here are a few resources to get you started.

4. Take a Practice Test

Now that you are done studying, test your knowledge using a practice test. Like with preparing for any other exam, practice will help you familiarize yourself with the test before you take the actual exam. Popular resources for sample tests include Google Analytics Test and GAIQ Center

5. View Additional YouTube Videos

If you think you can benefit from further review before taking the exam, visit the Google Analytics YouTube channel. The channel has a lot of great short videos (under 5 minutes) that you can watch to refresh your memory one last time.

Google Analytics Certification

Okay, now that you are almost ready to take the exam, let’s set up a few things to ensure success on test day.

6. Prepare Your Computer for the Exam

Before taking the test, open a second browser for your resources. In this browser, you can have the test notes open, as well as cheat sheets like those available on Portent or Blastam.

DBI TIP: You can use Ctrl+ F on these cheat sheets to find the terms easily. It is also helpful to have the Google Analytics support page open, as most of the answers can be found there.

7. Take the test

This is the moment you have been waiting for. You’ve studied and practice and now you’re ready to ace the test.  To access the exam, click the link Analytics in the left navigation, under Certifications.

Google Analytics Certification

Here is key information to know about the test:

  • The Google Analytics IQ Exam is free
  • The test is 70 questions long
  • You have 90 minutes to complete the entire exam
  • You can’t pause, go back, or mark any questions unanswered while taking the test
  • The test consists of a combination of multiple choice and True/False questions
  • To pass, you need to score 56/70, or an 80% correct rate

8. Take the Exam

After you take the exam, Google will let you know your result immediately. If you don’t pass the exam, you can retake it in seven days.

Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll be able to access your personalized certificate and public profile page. You now have a new shiny logo and one extra line to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget that you need to retake the test in 18 months to keep your qualification current, but until then, enjoy all the benefits you now have!

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Have you found any other helpful guides to prepare you for the Google Analytics Certification test? Or have you done any similar certification tests that you have found to be useful? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by
Praisella Yosep

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