4 Steps to Prospecting on Social Media

Traditional prospecting methods never change. It’s the medium in which we use to prospect that evolves. Learn how you can start prospecting on social media with these 4 steps below.

Prospecting on social media benefits your personal and professional life. Whether you’re searching for a potential client, a strategic partner, or a new hire, prospecting on social media is very productive.

We live in a digital world and all of our transactions–whether we know if or not–are tracked digitally. We can purchase an item, review a product, share an article, or like a social media post. All of these actions produce your digital footprint. And it is this footprint that is prospecting gold–especially when you’re searching for leads.

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your sales team, try prospecting on social media.  You may get some kickback from sales reps accustomed to prospecting on more traditional channels.

That’s expected.


Inform them that prospecting on social media is executed the same way as on traditional channels.

Utilize these steps…

4 Steps to Prospecting on Social Media

Step 1: Target

First, you look for your target. This could be a person or company. There’s a good chance that either will have a social media presence.

Here are ways to find their social media accounts:

  • Check their website/blog. Usually, you’ll find social media links prominently placed on the site.
  • Search for their name on a social network. All social networks have a search function so you should use it! Keep in mind that some prospects have privacy settings which prohibit their name from being displayed in search fields.
  • Check company directory. Sometimes companies will list social media handles along with the employee contact information.

Once you have identified your prospect, follow them. This process is unique for each social network. Usually, writing a nice introduction message will ensure your prospect accepts your connection.

Step 2: Observe

Once you have followed your prospect, you should observe them closely. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When does your prospect post? Understanding the times your prospect is active is important as it helps determine when to engage.
  • How frequently does your prospect post? Understanding the level of social media activity is important as it conveys how likely she will engage with you on this platform.
  • What are your prospect’s interests? Social media is probably the best channel to glean someone’s interest. Use this channel to inform your pitch.
  • How does your prospect interact with people? Frequent posts are not a great indicator of interaction. Social media automation is rampant so observe the level of responses posted by that prospect.

Observing your prospects actions will ultimately inform your pitch to them. Use what you observe to enhance your introduction.

Step 3: Engage

Engaging with users is a critical step in your prospecting on social media. Look for opportunities to interact.

  • See if the prospect posts something about your industry? Responding to that post is a good way to break the ice.
  • Did the prospect pose a question to his followers? Take part in the conversation and make a comment!
  • Did you find a nice article that may interest your prospect? Share it!

Overall, focusing on being helpful is the best way to engage your prospect. Helping to meet a need will cause you to stand out amongst the crowd.

Step 4: Close

After engaging with your prospect, begin introducing your company. It’s best to make a logical connection between the duties of your prospect and the services you offer.

Start with a personal experience about how your product or service helped make your life easier.

Remember, it’s about the sizzle, not the steak!


Focus on the benefits of your product. Use the information gathered during your prospecting phase to highlight the most relevant benefits.

Final Thoughts On Prospecting On Social Media

Think about it this way: If you are going to a business mixer, you don’t walk up to the first person you see and introduce your product or service.

Of course not.

You observe their interaction with the crowd. You listen for what they are talking about and with whom they are conversing.
Then you may participate in the conversation. Hopefully get a few laughs and pull them to the side and present them with your contact information.

Hopefully, that example conveys how prospecting on social media is similar to traditional prospecting. Now that you know, it’s time to get cracking!

Happy prospecting!

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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