3 Content Marketing Strategies NOT To Overlook

Content marketing strategies have become the necessary tool used by marketers to reach target audiences. Have you developed your strategy yet?

I remember asking this same question during a recent digital marketing conference presentation in San Francisco. The question was simple:”How many of you have a formalized content marketing plan?” Out of the entire room of over five hundred attendees, three people raised their hand. THREE people!

I had mixed feelings about this response. Part of me thought this response served as a confirmation I was speaking to the right audience. The other part felt that content marketing—albeit a very popular buzz phrase in the marketing industry—was still in its infancy.

Regardless if your business has a written strategy, here are some content marketing strategies not to overlook in 2015.


The Content Marketing Outlook

The most beneficial aspect of content marketing is that it expands across all platforms. Unlike other forms of marketing techniques, content marketing can be applied to any and every phase of marketing. It can focus on different platforms and media to achieve its goals. Because of its breadth, content marketing can easily be overlooked as a thoughtless tactic. Meaning, businesses just create content they believe their audience would like. As a result, they end up spending more time and resources creating ineffective content.

Don’t overlook developing your content marketing strategy.

Start with step one…


1. A Written Content Marketing Strategy

Planning is as important as the execution. Some may argue that is even more important. I especially agree with the latter as planning is the catalyst for content marketing success. Simply put, you can develop exceptional content that:

1) doesn’t see the light of day

2) doesn’t reach your target audience

3) doesn’t convert them into customers

So, when developing your content marketing strategy, consider these basic tenets:

  • Understand your opportunity. Review your current use of content marketing and set goals accordingly.
  • Develop your strategy. Remember, this is your key to success!
  • Jump into action. Schedule creation and distribution of your content. I’ve developed a content marketing calendar template to get you started (click here to get it).

These should help you get started thinking about your content marketing strategy. All elements included are unique to various industries, but these are good principles to get your wheels turning.

Additionally, you can check out the Content Marketing Institute for content marketing checklists and tools.


2. Establishing Your Content Marketing Distribution

Have you optimized your content distribution? Have you fully leveraged all the places your content should reside? I often come across a great deal of business owners who are focused on creating content that brings consumers back to their website. They prioritize having their owned media house exclusive content which may result in increased traffic to their website or blog.

How many of you agree with this notion?

You probably think this is a very logical approach as it will help increase traffic. Well, not so much.

Try considering the opposite.


Every social network is unique. The language, headlines, and visuals in the content shared are all unique to the network’s users. Keep this in mind when establishing your content marketing distribution strategy.


3. Your Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Who knows if Google will conduct another algorithm change this year. But, it doesn’t matter anyway. Content marketing will always contribute to your search engine optimization.

With that said, you should ALWAYS consider SEO when developing content. If you don’t, you’ll leave money on the table.


Well, consumers who stumble across your content via search engines have intent. They usually want to find more information about your product or service. They have a question or problem that needs solving.

By considering SEO when developing your content, you’ll become a part of that process. You can place your business in the middle of that consumer’s path-to-purchase.


What are your content marketing strategies for this year?

Comment below. Will you be focusing more on writing a content marketing plan, content distribution, or SEO?

If you are writing a content marketing plan, what will your strategy be and why? Comment below.

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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