10 Ideas to Create Must Read Content

To build a great digital brand, you must create great content. One of the most challenging steps of the content creation process is consistently coming up with new content ideas. Here are 10 ideas to create must read content.

10 Ideas to Create Must Read Content

1. Explore existing content

You have a sea of content at your fingertips. Easily discover ideas by exploring existing content. Reading articles, watching videos on Youtube and listening to podcasts are all actions that can lead to a content idea.

If you already have a topic in mind, use a tool like BuzzSumo to discover the best performing content for your topic according to the number of shares. Review the successful content and come up with a way to create your own valuable piece.

2. Create content around holidays and major events

Take a quick peek at your national calendar for holidays to provide inspiration for your content planning. Also, consider major events that people are highly interested in. While Super Bowl Sunday is not an official holiday in the US, millions tune into the event. Snack food companies share recipes on social media, and marketers often share lists of their favorite ads.

Think of holidays and events your target audience participate in and leverage the popularity of the event to create content for your audience that highlights your offering or expertise.

3. Document a day in the life

People expect brands to be transparent and personal now, more than ever. To connect with your audience, provide an intimate, behind the scenes glimpse. Document and share a day in the life. This exclusive look into your life can help to humanize your brand and authenticate your brand story.

4. Follow and respond to trending topics online

Creating content around trending topics can provide an opportunity for increased visibility for your brand. As trending topics gain momentum, more and more people search for more information and join the conversation.

Be sure to select topics that are relevant to your industry where you can create content that is consistent with your brand identity. To find a trending topic, you can use Google trends or review social platforms. Also, remember to be timely. As quickly as these topics increase in popularity, they often fade.

5. Create an instructional guide or how-to

Provide valuable content to your audience by creating a guide or how-to with tips for using your product or service. Share an ebook or blog post on your site. Consider a short video to introduce your product and service step by step. Easily summarize steps in an infographic. Share an audio recording on SoundCloud or through a Podcast.

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6. Conduct a Q & A with authorities in your industry

By interviewing experts and influencers in your industry, you utilize intelligence outside your brand. Their voice can provide a fresh perspective for your audience.

You can send them a list of questions and have them respond with their answers in audio, video or written format. Post a transcript of the interview on your blog. Share quotes or snippets via social media. You can even group different influencer’s responses and then create an eBook.

7. Map content planning to your product launch

Developing content marketing strategies to convert your audience into customers is the goal. You want to avoid creating content for content’s sake. Create content specific for each stage of the buyer journey and help alleviate any obstacles and concerns during the process.

Does your content answer the concerns of your audiences? Does your content provide appropriate information for the stage in the buyer’s journey? For example, if a site visitor is in the awareness stage, you would want to offer a guide in exchange for their email address on your landing page instead of a form for them to request a quote. Use these questions to stay on track.

8. Interview customers

Your customers can be a great resource for content ideas. Survey or interview your audience to find out what type of content they wish to consume. Speaking with your customers will also enhance your credibility by conveying your are interested in what they think and how they feel. Welcome their participation in your content planning process.

9. Explore your inbox for topics

There may be an abundance of content ideas tucked away in your inbox. If your brand completes any customer service via email, you likely have many emails with questions about your product or service, feedback, and success stories. Create content that answers commonly asked questions or feature a client success story.

10. Offer practical and helpful solutions

A sure way to create valuable content is to provide helpful information. Create content that offers practical tips and solutions to your audience. For example, a real estate agent could create content that provides information on how to select the right agent.

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Overall, publishing great content is key if you want to improve search engine rankings and capture the attention of your audience. Be relevant, be helpful and be consistent.

What are your best tips on how to create must read content? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by
Jessie Zhang

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