5 Must Have Live Stream Tools

Whether you’re a live stream novice or you’ve done a few live streams before, you want to offer a high-quality broadcast to your audience. Here are 5 must have live stream tools for your next live stream.

Here are 5 Must Have Live Stream Tools:

1. Teleprompter

Depending on the event, you may need to prep a script before your live stream. While of course, you don’t want to have everything planned out word for word since that will take away from the authentic feel that live streams should have, sometimes you just really need your script.

This is particularly important if there are a lot of names or information that you need to know for this live stream.

To make it easier for you to view your script during your live stream, you can use these 3 teleprompter apps:

  • Teleprompter Lite: Teleprompter Lite is one of the highest rated teleprompter apps on Appstore. This app allows you to create and edit an unlimited amount of scripts and adjusts the speed accordingly. Since this app is free, it is definitely useful for those who are in tight budgets.
  • iPrompt Pro: iPrompt Pro is very straightforward. It works for both Apple and Android devices and to use this app, you simply have to copy and paste your script. After that, you can set up everything from font and color to scrolling speed option to adjust it according to your needs. It even allows you to make last-minute changes to the script which is perfect for live streaming.
  • Prompster Pro: If you have a small budget dedicated to this expense, Prompster is a great tool to purchase. The difference between this tool and iPrompt Pro is the text used for the stream can be imported through email or iTunes which adds convenience. The interface of the app is also very easy to control and it allows you to control playback speed and even record the audio.
prompter pro live stream tools
Prompster Pro

2. Audio

Another important aspect you should be mindful of is the audio of your live stream. Sometimes the venue might be too loud and the audience may have a problem hearing your dialogue. There are a few things that you could do to improve the audio quality:

Move: This should be a no-brainer, but if it’s possible, it may be wise to be in a room with no background noise.

Of course, depending on your event and the purpose of the live stream this may not work very well.

But if you can, try to be mindful of the surrounding noise and possibly take your interview subject to the side to minimize the background noise

External microphone: If you want to produce high-quality audio, consider investing in a good external microphone. Micreviews.com offers a full list on best external microphones out there, so definitely check out that list to find the best one for you!

By adding a microphone to your arsenal of must have live stream tools, you will provide a better listening experience for your viewers.

mic live stream tools
Photo by Micreviews.com

3. Lighting

Next, consider your lighting. If you feel like you need more lighting so the audience can get a better view, you should invest in a ring light for your phone.

While ring lights are mainly used for taking pictures, it could be useful for live stream since it is lightweight, portable, and it adds a significant amount of lighting to your shot.

DoubleBestReview compiled a list of Top 10 Best Light Reviews in 2017 so check that out if you are looking into purchasing one. Just be mindful of your setting before you turn on your ring light to make sure it is appropriate.  

ring light live stream tools

4. Tripod

Viewers typically dislike shaky videos since they can be quite dizzying. This is why it is wise to also invest in a tripod. Phone tripods are usually affordable, starting from $10.  

A tripod makes it easier for you to do any standing during your live stream especially if you are filming on your own and also helps you frame the shot ahead of time. That way, the video will appear a lot more professional and well-produced.

My personal favorite is the Joby Gorillapod ($18): The GorillaPods have three adjustable legs, which can wrap around objects and stay in place, or bend in weird shapes on different surfaces. This lets you keep a stable tripod for your phone pretty much anywhere which can be really helpful at times.

joby gorillapod live stream tools

If you are looking for tripods with longer legs, or at a different price point, this article about the best phone tripods might be useful for you.

5. Portable battery

Last but not least, a portable battery is really important for live streaming since live streams tend to drain your phone battery very quickly. Two main things you should keep in mind before purchasing one are:

  • The capacity: You would want a portable battery that can hold at least twice your battery capacity, so about 10,000 mAh would be perfect. But if you only need to charge once, you might prefer getting a smaller and cheaper one that is around 3,000 mAh.
  • The weight: This is just as important as the capacity. Since you are most likely going to be out in the field while recording your live stream, you should try getting one that is on the lighter side. Bulky portable batteries will only make it harder for shooting so try to find one that has both the capacity and weight for your needs.   

If you need help in selecting the right one for you, Bestproduct ranked the best 15 portable batteries that cover all the different capacities and features a portable battery should have.

live stream tools

And there you have it.  With all of these tools, you are now ready to film your high-quality live stream videos.

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Do you have any other live stream tools or apps that you find to be useful for your live stream? Share with me in the comments below!


Written by
Praisella Yosep

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