How to Use Instagram Zoom For Your Brand

How to Use Instagram Zoom For Your Brand

Recently, Instagram Zoom was announced as a new feature giving users the ability to zoom in on photos and videos.

This long-awaited feature is has been released on the iPhone app and will soon be rolling out to Android users as well.

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Here is the official statement released by Instagram:

“Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. Over the past six months, you’ve seen many exciting changes come to Instagram, from a new icon to longer videos and even a new way to share everyday moments with Instagram Stories. And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram. Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS. Zoom will be available on Android in the coming weeks.”

Petapixel created a quick video on how to use Instagram Zoom:

Why Instagram Zoom Matters

Improved Engagement

Have you ever wondered if image “likes” are a “true” form of engagement? How much time does a user need to engage with an image for it to be meaningful?

A quick thumb swipe and a double tap can take less than a second. Compound that with other images populating a user’s timeline and your brand does not stand a chance.

Instagram Zoom significantly increases “meaningful” engagements by enticing users to do more than “like” the image. The extended time of interaction will create a long-lasting brand impression and increase brand recall.

Increased Exposure

Strike while the iron is hot! Soon after Instagram Zoom became available, people began to use #zoom and #instazoom in their posts. The two hashtags are sure to become widely used across the platform, so using these hashtags will certainly increase your reach and exposure.

DBI TIP: Start Using #zoom or #instazoom in your posts.

How to Use Instagram Zoom for your Brand

Here are a few technics for using Instagram Zoom for your brand:

1. Create Buzz Around A Product Launch
If you are looking to increase anticipation for a new product or service launch, try posting a photo asking users to zoom to get the first glimpse of your products.

2. Give Them The Bigger Picture
If you have a complicated process or information-laden image, try posting and ask users to zoom to certain areas to discover more detailed information.

3. Play Hide And Seek
One technique brands use to increase social media followers is by posting exclusive offers and discounts on the networks. You can take this same approach and hide coupon codes in your image and ask users to zoom in to discover the code.

Have any unique ways you’ve used Instagram Zoom? Let me know in the comments section at the end of this article.

Instagram Zoom Case Studies

Planet Fitness



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We are Sub Pop…

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What makes these examples great case studies? Let me know in the comments section.

In Conclusion

Don’t fall victim to the shiny object syndrome. Although Instagram Zoom is long-awaited and massively popular, don’t zoom for zoom sake. Meaning, before utilizing this new function you want to ensure the content and engagement does not veer from your digital branding objectives.

Examine other social media activation that proved successful and try to repurpose it for Instagram Zoom. That will ensure your brand stays on the right track.

Have you created any content specifically with zoom in mind? Are there any more great examples of brands using zoom that we have missed? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section below…

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Juntae DeLane

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