How To Be A Google Power User

Being a Google power user is more important to marketers than consumers. Keep reading to find out how you can become a power user and why it is essential…

WhoIsHostingThis created an infographic that shows various tips and tricks for successfully searching on Google.

Why is this important?

  1. You can use these tips when creating content for your marketing campaign.
  2.  Some of these search techniques can be used for other social media search sites.
  3. You need to understand how consumers are searching to ensure they find information about your brand or organization.

How To Be A Google Power User


Google doesn’t usually recognize punctuation and grammar. However, punctuation and symbols that do work in Google search include:

+: when searching for things such as blood type.
@: when searching for social tags.
&: when searching for strongly connected ideas and phrases.
%: when searching for percent values.
$: when searching for prices.
#: when searching for trending topics that use hashtags.
-: when searching for words that are strongly connected.

Google Search Tricks – A useful app for enhancing your Google searches and getting the most from the search engine.

Google Images – Lets you search for images related to a particular word or phrase. You can also upload or link to an image to find out more about it, or similar images.

Google Goggles – Lets you search the Web using your mobile phone’s camera instead of words. Simply take a picture of the item you want to search for, and look at the results.

Google Trends – Lets you explore trending search topics on Google and see what other people are searching for.

Google Books – Lets you search and preview books from millions of publishers around the world.

Google Scholar – Lets you search for theses, abstracts and articles.




Written by
Juntae DeLane

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