Twitter Marketing Strategies To Help You Succeed On Social Media

Twitter Marketing Strategies To Help You Succeed On Social Media

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms out there. Here are some Twitter marketing strategies you can use to leverage Twitter for your Digital Brand.

Why You Want To Be On Twitter

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Over the years, Twitter has been one of the most popular and innovative social media platforms on the internet. In fact, in the last second, more than 8,500 tweets were sent out all over the world. Also, Twitter often makes the news as a way for people to communicate with each other and broadcast information before news media can.

In 2009, Twitter made headlines for breaking the news about an American Airlines flight crashing into the Hudson River before traditional media. In 2012, it was an integral part of the Arab Spring, a wave of protests largely coordinated through social media throughout the Middle East.

Twitter is a powerful social media tool that you cannot afford to overlook. Here is how you can harness the power of the platform with clever Twitter marketing tactics. With these in your pocket, you can make Twitter a genuine marketing tool for your digital brand.

Twitter Marketing Is Short And Sweet

For over a decade, Twitter limited users to 140 characters per tweet. This forced Twitter users to get to the point in clever ways. However, in 2017, they changed this, doubling their character count limit to 280 per tweet.

It seems obvious that Twitter users would have leaped at the chance to say more, and longer tweets would have taken the Twittersphere by storm. However, this was not the case.

Despite this change, the vast majority of users do not use the full character limit. In fact, less than 1% of tweets are 280 characters long.

There are a few possible reasons for this. Perhaps its simple habit. Maybe it has something to do with 10 years of Twitter culture revolving around more minimal Tweets. Also, it is possible that this change was just not dramatic enough. Keep in mind, that even if you use the full character count, you can squeeze, at most, a few regular sentences into a tweet.

Some Examples

The fact of the matter is that Twitter users highly value conciseness. They love short and sweet tweets and snappy one-liners. Take a look at some popular and effective tweets.

In 2017, a Twitter user asked Wendy’s how many retweets it would take for them to give him free nuggets for a year. His tweet went viral, gaining over 3 million retweets. Even though he did not hit the 18 million retweet benchmark that Wendy’s had set, he still got a year of free nuggets from the fast-food restaurant.

One very successful user on the platform is Elon Musk, who is known for sending out especially short and snappy tweets, like this one:

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Use images and emojis when appropriate. And always keep things short and concise.

Visuals Are Key

While Instagram gets a lot of attention for being the coolest and most aesthetically oriented social media site, Twitter is also a great place to showcase visual branding.

Due to how the human mind processes information, having cohesive and eyecatching visual aspects is key to making sure that people remember your brand. Also, it can help you get past the site’s character limit to communicate more with your audience.

In this Tweet, Beyonce shares an image of herself to get followers excited for her music:

You can also use images to get your audience to engage with you. For example, VidCon achieved this with a post featuring a picture full of famous YouTubers:

Use gifs, pictures, and videos to your advantage on social media.

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Use Hashtags The Right Way

There is a reason you see hashtags across every social media platform. However, they got their start on Twitter.

Today, many social media platforms actually act like giant search engines, and hashtags are the way that you can categorize things so they can be searched. This is especially true on Twitter and Instagram.

You want to both create your own branded hashtags, and use popular relevant hashtags regularly. However, do not overdo it. Posts that are overloaded with hashtags can look a lot like spam and lower your engagement.

Cleverly using hashtags makes your posts searchable and findable on the site. This will help you gain followers and increase brand awareness.

Looking for some Twitter hashtag inspiration? Take a look at our Ultimate List of Instagram Hashtags.

Get Your Followers Involved

If you post regularly on this social media platform but never interact with anyone, your brand is basically talking to itself. The whole point of social media is fostering important connections. You want to join conversations and start your own on Twitter.

Ask your followers questions and interact with them as they respond. Also, you can use Twitter polls to get instant feedback from your followers. As well as getting important user feedback that can help to inform your Twitter marketing strategy, you can also create fun polls to engage your following.

Remember, you want to build an engaging and relatable presence that gets people involved. If you only use social media to constantly promote your brand, it will likely turn social media users off.

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Use Twitter Ads To Your Advantage

One tactic you should not overlook is using Twitter Ads. Twitter ad campaigns give you the option to target audiences by:

  • Hashtags
  • Keywords
  • Twitter profiles

One thing you should definitely do is get the Twitter tracking pixel on your WordPress site. That way, you can start to build an audience of people who have already shown interest in your brand by visiting your site. You can then retarget these people later.

Final Thoughts On Twitter Marketing Strategies

Twitter is a popular global social media network and the birthplace of the now ubiquitous hashtag. You can use it to make digestible and shareable content that is readable, watchable, and compelling. It is also a great place to find new followers, customers, and professional connections.

If you want your brand to have a particular personality, this platform is a great place to build that through snappy oneliners. You can also use it to run ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.

Which brands do you think excel on Twitter? Comment below…

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Juntae DeLane

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