Top SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2017

If you want to rise to the top of the page on the search engines, then learn to love SEO and hop on the SEO trends.  SEO is constantly changing as is technology in general.  Keep these trends in mind in the creation of every post and find yourself achieving your SEO goal!

The online world is always in motion, and with the emerging year, it comes to acceleration. So, the web world will see plenty of remarkable changes with the upcoming trends. Moreover, the online world will also see the game changing trends in the current year.

Along with the changing and advancing technologies, the SEO trends are changing and new trends are emerging. 2017 will see remarkable trends of SEO that will rule the year. The search engines have always been unpredictable, and so, we never know what new announcement will come from Google.

However, a few things are common and so, predictable. Experts have made a few predictions regarding the SEO trends that are likely to continue in 2017.

Let us take a look at a few of the SEO trends that will dominate the year.

Unique Content

SEO Trends

Content has and will always remain the king in the search optimization process. This trend has been always there and is the most commonly predictable one all these years.

The content writers are required to optimize the key phrase to a minimum possible extent because the repetition of the keyword will make it look like a stuffed one which will reduce its optimization.

Moreover, the search engines also do not consider the stuffed content and may also remove it from the indexing process. The quality of the content will be given priority over its quantity.

Human Touch

SEO Trends

The experts and analytics suggest that the websites should have a human connection with its users and readers. The websites that will follow this will do well in search engine optimization compared to others who don’t.

Strategies like blog commenting, Instagram management, Facebook promotions, and more are going to give a great boost to all predictions. This is the place where the much preferred and discussed AMP thing becomes more relevant.

The basic idea is to create a human connection of the users with the websites which will increase the traffic genuinely.

Search On The Run

SEO Trends

There are many assumptions about Google shifting its operations by a mobile-centric outlook. But, as of now, no notifications in these regards have been received. The year 2016 saw a notable change in the activity of the search engine to promote Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

These pages are more likely to load faster because they are light-coded and hold the user’s attention more and reduce the bounce rate. AMPs are very much likely to get a tremendous boost and acceleration in the year 2017. AMPs do not contribute directly to the ranking process, but indirectly they do.

Screen/Visualization Power

SEO Trends

Videos have made a huge comeback in the year 2016, and it is going to continue in this year too. The visualization power of the websites will play a crucial role in drawing traffic and improving the search engine ranking.

Videos play a crucial role in attracting new users and retaining the old ones, especially if it is an eCommerce site or an application. So, videos will continue to affect the search engine optimization process directly or indirectly even in this year.

No Duplicate Content

SEO Trends

With the increase in the websites, fake content has started taking rounds of the internet. You get to see duplicate news and other content over the internet apparently. So, duplicate content needs to be handled or rather removed completely from the Internet boundary.

Therefore, whenever you upload a content of your site or blog, you need to be careful about its integrity and quality. Search engines have now become stricter in dealing with fake content and the sites thereof.

Information Matters

The internet continues to evolve continuously at the macro level and so, the details also evolve at the micro level and become granular. It is crucial for the webmasters to pay more attention to their site information in every sense so that it will not affect negatively in the search ranking. Therefore, in 2017, details will matter more.

Google’s Rich Answer Box

SEO Trends

Today, everyone wants a quick and instant answer to their query, and so, to facilitate the users with the same, Google has come up with its Rich Answer Box. The Rich Answer Box is going to get more popular in the year 2017 with the increasing demands and technologies.

Those days are gone when everyone wanted to rank 1st on Google. Now, everyone wants to rank on a zero organic position above the 1st rank in Google. So, all SEOs will strive to achieve this position.

With the new feature, Google comes up with the most appropriate result in the form of user’s queries along with Title and Landing URL. Google extracts the metadata from the website’s content to show in Rich answers.

Irrespective of the ranking of the website, Google gives the most appropriate answer to the user’s queries. So, the webmasters need to be careful while designing their website content because it will draw the organic traffic to their sites through the Rich Answers.

Voice Search

SEO Trends

The voice search feature is gaining popularity day by day, and if it continues to do so in the same way, then Google Voice Search will occupy a significant part of the Search.

The main aim of the voice search is to perfectly understand the user query and give the most appropriate result. Moreover, if the understanding process is faster, then the retrieving process will also be faster.

Be Prepared For The Unpredictable

SEO Trends

The one pertinent thing in SEO is that the relevant experts have to be open minded to embrace whatever changes that come in the year. They need to be prepared for any kind of trend and implement it in their SEO practice, successfully.

Therefore, the SEO experts have to keep themselves open-minded for any new trend or a change to the existing one to implement.

The most important thing is that a Brand can get complete exposure only if it is socially active, on every platform. Along with that, it should demonstrate perfect SEO. The trends discussed above are very likely to enter and continue in the year 2017.

Comment below on some SEO Trends that you’ve seen thus far in 2017!

Written by
Krysta Jakson

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