9 Tools To Launch Your Digital Brand

Online tools are an essential part of digital branding. From scheduling content to workflow management, they help to simplify long-term business goals and day to day tasks. Here are 9 tools to launch your brand.

9 Tools To Launch Your Digital Brand

1. Content Scheduling- Buffer

Buffer is a content scheduling application that allows users to posts messages across social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+).

tools to launch your brand Buffer

Although there are many similar apps on the market, what sets Buffer apart from the pack is their in-depth research into the best posting frequency times.

Their study analyzed 4.8 million tweets and 10,000 profiles in the major time zones to reveal patterns in levels of engagement at different hours on social media.

The results of the study might surprise you.

While it’s possible to manually set publishing times for your content, Buffer’s Optimal Timing Tool chooses the best posting times for your city based on hours of peaked engagement.

Buffer's Optimal Timing Tool


In addition to research, Buffer also offers something that many social media management tools do not.

tools to launch your brand

A preview.

Unfortunately, many apps do not show which image on the page that you linked will be shared on your network. This leaves brands in the dark as to whether or not their content will have the visual impact originally intended.

Because of its brand-friendly functionalities and data-powered content scheduling, Buffer is the app to beat.

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2. Content Engagement Analysis- Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a search engine integrated application that sifts through the web to find keyword mentions based on the number of engagements.

tools to launch your brand

Search results are listed by the total number of shares across the major platforms.

There is also a breakdown of the number of shares on each platform and a “View Sharers” feature that allows you to see who is sharing the content on social media.

All things considered, Buzzsumo is a great tool for brands that are looking to expand their reach by finding and tapping into relevant conversations or researching and designing marketing campaigns tailored to search terms.


3. Social Relationship Management- Hootsuite Enterprise + Hootsuite Business

Hootsuite Enterprise and Hootsuite Business are essentially virtual coworking spaces for organizations that need alternatives to oral communication to manage their teams. This is combined with the social media management, insights, and analytics capabilities of Hootsuite.

tools to launch your brand

Whether you need to connect with your team after hours or lack a traditional physical office setting, Hootsuite’s plans offer full-service suites that boost productivity so that your brand can reach its sales, social marketing, and other business goals.


4. Inbound Marketing- Hubspot

Hubspot is an all-in-one inbound marketing platform that has features for SEO, analytics, email marketing, social media, and marketing automation.

tools to launch your brand


Because all of its features are controlled from a single dashboard, rather than through different software programs, Hubspot is able to give brands a clearer picture that shows which tactics are successful at converting leads into sales.

Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Strategy tools to launch your brand

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5.PR- PR Newswire, Cision Inc

In addition to marketing and advertising, it’s important to have a digital public relations strategy so you can share all of your brand’s newsworthy headlines.

Cision Inc is one of the largest international conglomerates of news and media-related technologies.

As a result, the firm and its subsidiaries produce everything from PR software to press release distribution wires and online services that connect people with journalists, bloggers, and other influencers.

Their subsidiaries include PRWeb, Vocus, PR Newswire, IContact Corporation and others.

tools to launch your brand

6. Customer Feedback/Survey Management- Survey Monkey

No brand is complete without a review and survey management tool that allows customers to tell you more about themselves and dish on their experiences with your company.

tools to launch your brand

Survey Monkey is the platform of choice for many brands. This tool is free at the basic level.

With a user-friendly interface and simplistic design that translates across devices, Survey Monkey is a great tool that brands can use to learn more about the demographics of their customer base and what they as a brand can do to improve their performance.

7. Finding Freelancers- Fiverr

 tools to launch your brand

If you are just launching your digital brand, chances are you are on a limited budget.

But even brands that are working with no to little money should have access to a variety of affordable services that will give them the means to market and brand themselves.

From legal writing to professional commercials, Fiverr is a multipurpose freelance marketplace where you can go to outsource some of your projects to freelance professionals…at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Logo Design
  • Radio Commercials
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media Banners
  • Customized Terms Of Service
  • Ad Space On Blogs
  • Reviews On High Traffic Websites

The platform offers relatively quick service from a vast pool of talent.

8. Office Suite- Google Docs

Google Docs is the free alternative to the many paid office suites out there.

And it’s just as efficient.

tools to launch your brand

Save your brand the cost of buying programs and subscriptions.

Google Docs seamlessly integrates with GSuites and Gmail so that brands can share important documents both within and outside of their organization.

9.  Marketing Automation- Marketo 

Finally, Marketo is a marketing automation software that targets and retargets leads across the world wide web.

tools to launch your brand

In addition to basic marketing and advertising functions (SEO, analytics, etc), Marketo also uses predictive intelligence to market to leads based on their interests; integrating personalized ads into website banners and email campaigns.

tools to launch your brand



Digital tools help us to perfect our branding from conception to realization. Use these tools to create strategies for every facet of your organization; from PR, team management, to feedback analysis, marketing and more.  

Are you currently using these tools in your digital strategy? Any recommendations on tools to launch your brand?

Written by
Nadia Carmon

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