11 Stock Video, Stock Image, & Stock Audio Resources for Digital Branders

Are you looking to enhance your digital branding with stock video, stock image, and stock audio? Check out these helpful resources.

Stock Video is a Must Have

Videos are a key part of any social media marketing content. This can include creating your own original video content to highlight or brand. Also, you can use stock video files. However, not everyone knows where to find stock video files. If that’s you, no worries. Below are some important stock video resources.


Videvo is an excellent free stock video resource. Here you can find stock video files that can be used in the background or as transition clips. Videvo makes it easy to find, choose, and download clips for short-form social media content videos. You can even search for photos based on keywords.

free stock video footage

National Park Service Multimedia

The National Park Service has a free library of many useful public domain video files. Some of the videos require that credit is given to the filmmaker, however, so always read the labels of the films you choose from this site carefully. There are countless hours of nature video footage and even audio, photo, and webcam footage to choose from.

stock video

Vimeo Creative Commons Media

Vimeo has made it easy to search for video clips that are either free or free to use but have different levels of use or recognition. The video files are organized under filters, which makes it simple to find the stock video for your content needs.

stock video

Pexels Videos

Pexels has been a popular site to find free stock images, but not many people know that they also offer videos. Pexels Videos offers a selection of free short stock videos that work perfectly for social media marketing purposes.

stock video


Coverr is a stock video resource that is constantly updating. There you can find seven new videos every week. You can sign up with them to receive email notifications about their new stock video offerings each and every week. They offer highly artistic stock video that can help give your business a look that will truly set it apart. This site is free but also has the option to donate.

stock video

Helpful Stock Image Resources

Customized graphics are a key part of creating a web brand with personality and the right visual punch. Below are some online resources that can help you find the perfect stock photo for your digital brand.

Death to Stock

Death to Stock offers both a free and premium version that costs $15 a month. When you sign up for their newsletter, you get access to a monthly royalty-free stock image bundle which will be mailed right to your inbox. The $15 per month premium option gives you access to even more great stock photos.

stock photo


If you are interested in one resource with a lot of high-quality stock photos, you will love Unsplash. They offer the options to keyword search through a vast stock images library and also join their email list. If you join, they email you photo bundles. Images are always free, but after you choose one the site suggests that you give credit to the photographer. Unsplash makes it easy to do this by offering the option to copy and paste the artist’s name.

stock photo


Canva is a favorite of the social media savvy because it offers great resources for making graphics. However, you should not ignore their stock image library. Canva makes it easy to find images using their Search tab. Canva has a sizeable library of free stock photos and illustrations. However, if you cannot find a free stock image you like, their paid images start at only $1.

stock image

Stock Audio Makes Content Stand Out

It’s no secret that most people are visual learners and visuals are what makes something stick in people’s minds, but don’t forget about audio.

Audio can truly add a whole new element to the social media experience. If you really want to make your web content something special and unique, leveraging the impact of quality stock audio can help.

YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is one of the best tools to find free music that you can use to help flesh out your branded content. The music they offer is safe to use in videos or podcasts. The site offers a lot of content that is clearly marked as free. However, a few of the artists do require that you credit them in your video description. This will always be noted alongside the music files.

stock audio


Freesound offers a huge library stock audio. This includes both sound effects and music. Most of their offerings are free to download under the Creative Commons license. Creators are always adding new stock audio to the site, so there is never a lack of high-quality audio files to choose from.

stock audio


AudioJungle is a very affordable way to get the rights to incredible music and sound effects. You can search for sounds using filters like length, tags, cost, tempo, and more. It is a budget-friendly option as their cost per stock audio file starts at just $1.

stock audio

Digital Branders Need Stock Audio and Visuals

Whether you need to make a graphic, find a header stock image, or need visuals to illustrate the points of your content, stock video and audio can be immensely helpful. A digital brand requires a steady flow of fresh content so it can thrive. Stock visuals and audio are a large part of this content because few digital branders can produce all of the content they need themselves. If they had to personally create or pay for all of the visual and audio components of this content, things would get expensive quickly.

Unless a marketer happens to be a musician, audio tech, videographer, director, editor, and more in one, and have all of the skills mastered and high-quality equipment necessary to create that content on hand, they will need to use stock visuals and audio. It does not have to be expensive or time-consuming to find these things. The sites above make it easy to find the stock video, stock photo, and stock audio that are ready to use!

Do you have any favorite sources for stock video, audio, and photo files? Let us know below!  

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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