Social Media Skills Every Leader Needs Know

I spent a number of years trying to convince small business owners and entrepreneurs that social media and digital marketing are beneficial. Although some seemed apprehensive, they ultimately opened up to hear my ideas.

This process, however, is more difficult when dealing with company executives. Most spend years enhancing their communication for advancement of their organization. In a traditional sense, communication for any large organization emphasizes linear processes and most executives are accustomed to following suit.

In comes social media communication—the game changer.

Now communications with consumers, employees, and stakeholders are mostly taking place via social media platforms. As a result, anyone in a leadership position must embrace this type of communication and understand its ability to create a more agile and responsive organization.

The McKinsey Quarterly addresses this in an article on the social media skills every leader needs to have. This report conveys how modern organizational leaders must possess the following social media skills to compete in today’s socially connected marketplace:


Key Social Media Skills Every Leader Needs to Know…


Be A Producer

Content is KING and every leader should be able to effectively produce content. Leaders should build upon their production acumen and become familiar with tools such as WordPress, iMovie/Movie Maker, HTML/PHP, Photoshop, PowerPoint/KeyNote, and other production software that will help them bring ideas to life.

Be A Distributor

Leaders must recognize their role as a redistributor of content they receive to leverage the communication continuously happening around them. Using tools such as Feedly to aggregate articles and Twitter to distribute them to employee and consumers works well.

Be A Recipient

Leaders must become proficient at using the software tools and settings that help users filter the important stuff from the unimportant. Setting up lists within Twitter, Gmail, and Feedly is a start.

Be An Advisor

Leaders should become trusted advisors and incorporate social media within company culture. They must become tutors and strategic orchestrators of social media activities. By reading this blog, you’re already expanding your digital knowledge. Great start!

Be An Architect

Leaders must strive to establish a technical infrastructure that encourages free exchange but also enforces controls that mitigate the risks of irresponsible use. Establishing a social media policy will help.

Be An Analyst

Leaders must monitor signals and experiment with new technologies that allow them to respond quickly to market demands. Here is a list of free tools to use when doing so.

I would love to hear any new commandments to add to this list. Am I missing any? Let me know. 


Written by
Juntae DeLane