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Social Media Strategy Creation

I will assesses your existing marketplace as well as business goals and resources to give you a comprehensive Social Media Strategy.  This will give you the exact blueprint for what your Social Media Strategy should be.  This service does NOT include implementing the proposed Social Media Strategy.

Social Media Strategy and Blog Strategy Audits

These are designed to give you an accurate evaluation of your current social media/blogging strategies, as well as that of your top competitors.  Additionally, this audit will not only give you recommendations on your strategy moving forward, but will also show you how to measure your results, so you can tell exactly how effective your strategy is.

Here’s what my Social Media Strategy Audit will cover and assess:

▪   Analysis of the social media efforts of up to 3 of your direct competitors to see what is and is not working for them.

▪   Analysis of your company’s existing social media efforts including your strategy for using social media, who your customers are, and how well the tools you are using are helping you achieve your goals.

▪   Recommendation for your social media strategy moving forward, including any current tools you are using, and any additional tools that you aren’t using currently.

▪    Recommended content strategy moving forward.  I will also show you how to use your multiple social media presences together.  For example, I’ll show you how your efforts on Twitter and Facebook can also make your blog more effective and efficient.

▪   Recommendations on how to build engagement and interaction with customers via your social media efforts.

▪    Recommendations on how to increase your content creation. This is especially valuable if you have a small social media team that is trying to create content for multiple social media channels.  I’ll give you recommendations for how to make the content creation process more effective and efficient for you.

▪    Detailed analysis of how to measure your results, including which metrics you should be tracking, an explanation of why you should be tracking them, which calls to action you should be including in your content, etc.

If you would like more information on developing a social media strategy contact me here.


On-Site Social Media Training – This is social media training for your team, with a schedule that’s completely customized to suit your company’s needs.  The size of the audience can be up to 100, but for best results, an audience size of 20 or less is suggested, as that will lend itself to better discussions and Q&A.

If you would like more information on on-site social media training contact me here.

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