How to Select the Right Content Marketing Software

Organizations are beginning to understand the value of content marketing but many are still unsure about how to implement a successful content marketing campaign. To do it the right way, you must have the right tools.

The folks at the Altimeter Group have developed an infographic which provides insight on how to select the right content marketing software.

Here are some key “tweetable” insights:

The content marketing software landscape is growing quickly and getting complicated.

There are at least 110 content marketing tools available daily.

Compounding this, content marketers struggle with a lack of strategy, coordination, and resources.

How to Select the Right Content Marketing Software to help drive efficiency and scale:

A. Map your business objectives to the 8 content marketing use cases
B. Prioritize your use cases
C. Shortlist vendors against use cases

The 8 content marketing use cases: (1) Creation, (2) Curation & Aggregation, (3) Optimization, (4) Analytics, (5) Audience & Targeting, (6) Distribution, (7) Workflow, (8) Legal & Compliance



Written by
Juntae DeLane