3 Steps to Build a Profitable Digital Brand

Building a profitable digital brand

The goal of every brand creator is to have a profitable digital brand. A profitable digital brand means that your message is clear and visible to your target audience. This is something that every blog and website developer dreams of.

These three steps will make sure that your brand is on the right track instead of being lost in the abyss of the internet. You’ve put in too much effort to be forgotten.

3 Steps to Build a Profitable Digital Brand

In three easy steps, you can take your brand from obscurity and place it into the public eye.

Step 1: Define Your Digital Brand

a strategy needed to become profitable digital brand

Defining your digital brand is about getting clear in your message and how you’re uniquely positioned to serve your audience. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. This is so important to grasp.

All too often, as a consultant, I would meet with clients, and I would ask them. So what do you do? And they would go on about their services and offerings. But there was no real central focus.

How your brand is represented in the digital space is what separates you from the competition. If you’re in a saturated market, you may be viewed as a commodity. Using your uniqueness to position your brand will get you more customers. So, when you define your digital brand, you will determine how your consumers perceive your business.

However, without a clear and defined focus, you won’t be able to generate a profitable digital brand.

Strategy 1: Create Your Elevator Pitch

Creating an elevator pitch will help you define your digital brand so that your target audience can quickly understand exactly who you are and what you offer. Your elevator pitch will be referenced everywhere online: social media, website, review sites, and more.

A solid elevator pitch will allow you to distill down to the purest form, precisely who you are, and what you offer, and that focus can help to set you apart from all the competition.

Understanding what you want from your digital brand will make the process of digital branding so much more straightforward.

Strategy 2: Create Your Brand Slogan

You can consider this the public-facing version of your value proposition.

When I first started to build my brand, I didn’t have a clear direction.

Creating a brand slogan, forced me to get clear on who I am and what I have to offer. And it can do the same for you.

Now, your brand slogan should be featured prominently throughout your digital presence. It lets readers know INSTANTLY who you are, what you offer, and that they’ve come to the right place.

It’s more important to have a brand slogan in the digital space because we don’t spend that much time doing in-depth research online. This is because there are too many sources of information for any one person to truly see all of. So, you MUST establish your brand slogan and display it online to gain the attention of potential customers quickly.

Again, this is important because in a world where people are surfing the Internet–bouncing off pages–you’ve only got a few seconds to communicate what it is you have to offer.

If you don’t create a brand slogan, people may be confused. And when they get confused, they go elsewhere. So you’ve got to be clear. That’s why you want your brand slogan right at the top of your website and your social media accounts.

Strategy 3: Find the Intersection

This is where it comes together. Look for the intersection of your audience and your offers.

If you were to make a Venn diagram with customers and products, that sweet spot in the middle is where you have the opportunity to make the most significant impact on your following.

So, you take their needs, and you overlay that with your products or services. At that intersection is where you can make an impact.

Step 2: Build Your Digital Brand

Building a digital brand is the most effective way to market today.

Chances are,  your target audience is going to interact with your digital brand before your physical brand.

When you hear about a new business or organization what is the first thing you’re going to do? Look them up online!

Tactic 1: Build Your Home Base

dream to build a profitable digital brand

To ensure that your audience gets the right information the first time, you must focus on building your home base. For most of us, our home base is our website or blog.

Your home base is a critical component of your digital brand. So, you need to have a functional, correct, inviting, visually-appealing, and professional home base.

If the purpose of your home base is just to showcase your brand or to allow people to get to know who you are, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or about.me are viable options.

They’re simple, easy to use, and cheap.

If you require a little bit more functionality, building a self-hosted WordPress website is a great place to start.

If you are serious about your digital branding, I highly recommend a self-hosted WordPress website.

WordPress makes it easy to create a webpage that has some pretty sophisticated functionality. You can utilize things like shopping carts, blogs, and message boards without knowing how to program a single piece of code. Platforms like WordPress offer this.

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Tactic 2: Build Your Email List

If you want to succeed in digital branding, get serious about building your email list. Your email list is one of the most valuable assets for your brand because it allows you to initiate contact with your followers.

Instead of waiting at your home base, hoping they’ll drop by the party, you’re virtually knocking on their door with a personal invitation.

Tactic 3: Build Your Social Media Accounts

This is the area where most digital branders see the least return on the time they invest. So often it’s just a time suck.

Most of us are active on social media. However, we struggle to increase our followers or their engagement with us in a real way. Even if we can grow our following, we struggle to convert those followers into subscribers or customers.

Your primary objectives for building your social media accounts is to focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.

Being relatable to your target audience will separate you from the competition. So, engage on social media the same way you would engage in the real world.

Step 3: Manage Your Digital Brand

This is a part of your digital brand that will remain a part of your day to day work. Sometimes it can be in your best interest to find digital branding services that can help manage this work for you.

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Strategy 1: Leverage Other People’s Property (OPP)

Blogging is communal. Those who participate in the community win. Once I tapped into that secret, I experienced more audience growth in six months than I had in the six years prior.

I started engaging in the blogging community and began leveraging other people’s audiences for my own benefit. It is your audience size that will determine whether or not you create a profitable digital brand.

Tactic 1: Guest Blogging

Most bloggers spin their wheels trying to increase traffic on their blogs while overlooking the fact that writing guest posts on other blogs where somebody else has a more prominent and different audience than yours will increase their visibility!

Nothing can grow your digital brand quite like guest posting. Guest posting is also great for search engines, because you get back-links from those posts on somebody else’s site, back to your site. It introduces you to new communities and allows your ideas to spread more freely.

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Tactic 2: Repurpose Your Content

Often people continue to create more and more content. They believe the more content they create, the better the chance they have to connect with customers. From there, they find themselves stuck on the content creation hamster wheel.

Now, if they would work smarter and not harder, they would focus on repurposing their content.

Essentially, create one BIG piece of content that you can then slice, dice, and repurpose into a SMALLER material, which is “the leftovers.” This quick way of creating content will make it easier to have enough options for your audience to build a profitable digital brand.

Tactic 3: Practice Batching Content

Cookie Monster meme

Batching is doing a lot of similar things at the same time. For instance, you wouldn’t make a single cookie at a time. You’d make a whole batch of them. Right? Well, the same is true for writing.

Half the challenge is just getting into that creative writing space where we can produce.

You’re going to save a lot of time by knocking out multiple posts.

Final Thoughts

These 3 steps to building a profitable digital brand will make sure that you stay on task when going through the motions of digital branding life. These steps will save you time and effort which you can then channel into the content you create or the influencers you reach out to.

You need to define your brand, build your brand, and monitor your brand for maximum success in the digital world. These different strategies and tactics will make all the difference when taking your brand live and turning it into a profitable digital brand.

Have you tried any of these strategies for your brand?

Written by
Juntae DeLane

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